We undertakes to comply with the laws and regulations in force regarding Environment, continuous improvement and prevention of pollution during the realization of production, services and activities. HAUS Inc. purposes;

• Natural Resources are used efficiently and judiciously in all Processes. All our Processes involving use of Natural Resources, are co-ordinated in accordance with circular economy approach,

• The objective is to eliminate possibility & potential of any negative effects or risks on the Environment. This philosophy is at the core of our complete Business Cycle encompassing procurement, production, logistics and sales.

• Enhancement of Energy efficiency and minimization of Greenhouse effect are the most important considerations, whenever investments are made for machineries or equipment.

• We reuse, recycle and substitute to minimize if not eliminate, wastewater formations, greenhouse emissions, chemical wastes in all our operations like production, packaging, transportation, storage etc.

• Wastes are segregated according to types and collected separately for recycling in accordance with the prevalent legislations,

• In all spheres of our operations, we ensure that compliance of all relevant Environmental legislations.

• We strictly adhere to all Environment related Protocols regarding certifications, licenses consents from authorities etc. The necessary documents are maintained and updated as required.

• Chemicals with potential threat for the Environment are identified and appropriately managed by secure handling, labelling, transportation, storage during use and at disposal,

• We strictly abide by all applicable laws and regulations on prohibition or restriction of harmful chemicals that may be used in constituent materials, parts and components. All guidelines regarding recycling and disposal as indicated by the manufacturer of the chemical are duly followed.

• We comply totally with all applicable Environmental and Energy regulations. As a policy we consider such compliance as mandatory obligations on our part.

• We continuously monitor and check for possible negative impacts from our operations and ensure immediate corrective steps for mitigation of the same. Thus we ensure the reduction of air, water, soil, noise pollution with efficient solutions based on the best available technologies.

• It is our objective that the Products and Processes that we present to our Customers should be designed and manufactured to safeguard the Environment during their complete lifetime.

• To minimize waste during production, storage and logistics, we follow a defined maintenance Protocol of all the production machineries and equipment in our premises.

• We proactively work with the lifecycle approach by encouraging our Suppliers and all business stakeholders on Environmental performance and green economy issues.

• We continuously improve and develop Environmental and Energy Management Information Systems in order to increase our Environmental and energy performance,

• We believe that Health and safety of our Employees is crucial to ensure that all the Environment related Protocols are correctly followed. Therefore we ensure access to clean and safe water, all personal protection accessories and a hazard free ecosystem for all our Employees


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Frequently Asked Questions

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