"HAUS is at the ""Necklace Lost"" Place!

In the Middle Ages; a noblewoman from the Byzantine dynasty named Joha had lost her most beautiful necklace adorned with precious stones. She was so happy when she found the necklace again; she named the hill on which the necklace is located, the jewel hill ""Gioia del Colle"", which also means ""joyful hill"". The region is loved so much that; This beautiful town in the south of Italy, famous for its olive oil and mozzarella cheese, begins to form around the historical castle. Another footnote about the town; Famous actor Sylvester Stallone's father was also born here and went to America as an immigrant.

While HAUS Machinery company with headquarters located in Aydın has been carrying out its activities in Italy for years with service/maintenance facilities consisting of a few buildings in a large land near the town of Alberobello, which is famous for its pointed stone roofs, this time; Started production in the town of ""Gioia del Colle"". The first machinery and equipment labeled ""Made in Italy"" has already been produced. The Mayor of the city, Giovanni Mastrangelo, examined the first 4 machines on site and congratulated the factory managers.

Haus Centrifuge Technologies employs nearly 600 people all over the world today. In addition to companies in the Netherlands, Malaysia, India, Tunisia and Morocco, through its company established in Italy; now it will not only do service, maintenance, support but also ""production"". In this way, it adapts to the new world economic order by working multinationally. In addition, it accelerates its activities in Italy, which is the heart of the olive oil industry, by increasing its exports."

"On 2020, the board of directors HAUS MAKINA SAN., commissioned a team of experts with high professional figure noted in Industrial Area to plan and develop the project ""HAUS MADE IN ITALY"".

The preparation began in November 2020 and ended successfully early in June 2021. We have obtained official authorization for the ""Made in Italy"" brand since June 2021.

According to the program designed, few months later and exactly in October 2021, the first Made in Italy operation was completed by creating 8 centrifuges (4 model DDE 5342 and 4 model DDE 4042 for Sea Water desalination industry, exported to Saudi Arabia. Other 4 centrifuges model DDE 3542 exported to Iraq municipality of Mosul.

In 2021,we achieved a market share of over 9% after two years of investment in the oil sector.

We have sold and installed complete plants and machines in new facility and other existing ones previously occupied with competitor’s plants, ensuring delivery before the beginning of olive oil season even for orders arrived with late. we have formed a technical assistance network in Sicily, Calabria, Puglia, Basilicata, Campania and Abruzzo. Other external supports continue to increase our workforce in the area. In the industrial sector (Separation – Dairy and Food), we have an important portfolio for the year 2022. "




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* For olive oil application.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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"HAUS manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality centrifuge technology products such as; • Decanter centrifuges, • Disc stack separators, • Continuous system olive oil extraction plants, • Screw presses, • Turbo blowers, • Mobile units and auxiliary equipment and offers familiar service on set-up, turn-key integrated project management, maintenance, spare-parts and aftersales solutions for specific markets and industries."
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HAUS provides products and service to various applications at olive oil, food, environment, energy and industry sectors.
To become a HAUS agent you may fill the related form: http://hausworld.com/contact.html
After your machine arrives, the first thing to do is to open the packaging of the machine and check whether there is any damage or deficiency on it. The equipment you have delivered should be kept in a closed and safe environment away from moisture, heat, and humid environments. To be sure that the documents such as usage, operating manual, electrical project sent to you with the machine will not be lost, you should make sure that you secure such documents. You should make sure that the set of tools are correct and complete, and that you keep such tools in a suitable place for use when necessary. You should contact the project department for installation and after your installation is complete, you should contact HAUS After Sales Services for commissioning.
The chemicals you need vary according to the properties of the product you are processing. We can determine the chemical needs that will be suitable for your product as a result of laboratory studies. You can contact the sales representative who has dealt with you at the order stage and send your request.