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    HAUS Turbo Blower is a high-speed, permanent magnet compressor with magnetic bearings and uses the most advanced technology on the market.Blowers and Air Compressors are extensively used in the ventilation pools of wastewater treatment plants. These can also be used in all processes that needs aeration.Magnetic bearing technology now provide energy savings up to 40% in terms of operational cost in respect to conventional technology.

    Thanks to today's technology, it is possible to work in a wider capacity range, flow and energy optimization due to oxygen demand, low noise level, intelligent control and remote monitoring features. Low maintenance and operating costs have been proven. Thanks to its compact design, it can easily be installed in small spaces. It is possible to present this technology under competitive conditions with domestic and high standards of mass production facilities.

    HAUS Turbo Blower is an innovative solution that improves process efficiency and at the same time provides consistent energy and maintenance savings and pays the initial investment cost in a very short time. HAUS constantly develops products for energy saving and more efficient processes by supporting the sustainable growth of its customers.

  1. The magnetic bearing system is made by magnets placed in radial and axial position, connected with a electronic controller which distribute the power and read the field data, and auxiliary bearing for resting position.

  2. The magnetic bearing system creates an electromagnetic field which maintain in a contact less position the shaft, allowing its rotation without any friction or resistance.

  3. The magnetic field is able to control and maintain with high precision the position of the shaft supporting the impeller.

  4. The precise positioning of the impeller allows to reduce the air gap with the casing, and therefore the pressure losses resulting in a compressor with higher power efficiency.

  5. The energy required by the positioning system is very low, less then 1kW, making the magnetic bearing really competitive in respect to other technologies (ref air foiling ).

  6. The magnetic bearing controller records and stores the geometrical data. The correct position is therefore immediately restored at each start.

  7. Magnetic bearing system with contactless and efficient control is designed for maintenance-free operation, unlimited start and stop cycles.

  8. The magnetic bearing system can electronically adapt a "damping effect" on the rotational vibration, in function of the bearing type and the system characteristic. This make possible to run trouble free through the system's "critical speeds".

  9. The load capacity of a magnetic bearing is independent of the rotational speed.

  10. The auxiliary bearings included in the magnetic bearing system offers a safe resting position in case of system failure, at example when reverse rotation occurs due to valve failure.

  11. All in one
    All in one
    Easy to install
    Easy to install
    Industry 4.0 Advanced
    Industry 4.0 Advanced
    High Energy Effifciency
    High Energy Effifciency
    High speed
    High speed
    No lubrication
    No lubrication
    Unlimited Start&Stop
    Unlimited Start&Stop

    The HAUS Turbo Blowers are single-stage centrifugal compressors with variable speed drive and magnetic bearing technology.

    The air is absorbed from the room (or from a pipe), filtered, and enters in the centrifugal compressor. Thanks to the speed of rotation and the shape of the compressor, the air flow is compressed and its pressure is increased. The compressed air is subsequently discharged into the user pipe through the blower air diffuser (Discharging Cone)

    This simple system is effective thanks to the shape and the high speed reached by the compressor. The Magnetic Bearing associated with Variable Speed Motor makes very high speed and therefore high performance is possible. An extensive use of control equipment increases the reliability, the flexibility and finally the competitivity of this solution.

    The electronic and mechanical components are integrated with the control panel in a single structure, protected by insulating panels and standing on its own feet. Each HAUS Turbo Blower is delivered to the process pipe as a detached cabin ready to connect to the main electrical supply and ready for local/remote control. All devices and control equipment are designed for easy installation and smooth, vibration-free, stable and quiet operation of the Haus Turbo blower.


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