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While the global economic and technological advancements transform national markets into global markets, they put them into an increasingly competitive environment. Companies which create more value also in terms of after sales services in addition to design, production and quality have influence on the product preferences of the consumers every other day.

After sales service quality of a product is regarded as the main determining criteria in purchasing decisions of the customers. Recent studies show that after sales services addressing the customer are being more pronounced in decisions made by the customers and becoming one of the most important factors in product perceptions and selections.

As it is known, after sales services are regarded as efforts for detecting and resolving any kind of problem which may occur in the usage period of the product. As Customer Services of HAUS ASS department, we provide to our customers plant and process optimization with experienced staff in the Technical Support unit for concentrating on scheduled downtimes and minimizing unplanned downtimes to ensure continuous operation of the plants within scope of effective warranty tracking system.

With the service notifications logged at our tracking systems we can analyze the history of the machinery of our customers and the problems they experience up-to-date and we create machinery expert view reports and provide them to our customers for the sake of providing lasting solutions for problems. Recorded notifications include entire history of the machinery, operations carried out in the performed service works, operating values and performances of the machinery, and retrospective checks and continuous performance assessment are carried out. The most important aspect for the customer is the problem free operation, usability and serviceability of the purchased product throughout its economic lifespan. Possibility of a product to offer the desired benefit to the customer depends on its ability to satisfy the customer expectations. Benefit does not only relate to the specifications of a product but also to the quality of technical service to be required in case of failure.

As HAUS Customer Services department we ensure application of corrective and preventive actions and continual effectiveness of after sales service functions for satisfaction of the customers' expectations.


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