Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) is of crucial importance to show our customers that their ordered products have been produced with the specifications they demand. These tests are carried out within the scope of inspection test plan (ITP). So, you can confirm the proven quality and suitability of purchased equipment through our tests.

Before the pandemic period, on-site factory acceptance (FAT) used to be performed. In today’s world, it may not be possible to perform factory acceptance tests in physical terms due to travel restrictions, time constraints or other urgent reasons. Therefore, as HAUS we are there for you with our "Remote Factory Test" service that we offer as a result of the studies we carry out in parallel with digital transformation and digitalization. We can ensure information security of our customers who will go through factory acceptance process and we can provide them with a flexible and effective service to save time without creating a great technological effort and without disrupting the business plan of their businesses.

Thanks to this service, we can create an environment where you can inspect all parameters you want to do on-site in the Factory Acceptance Tests in a virtual environment, and you are offered with an experience where you can interact with our expert test personnel for details.

HAUS Remote Factory Acceptance Test Procedure
Before initiating the Remote Factory Acceptance Test, we send the necessary documents electronically and make the preparations.

During the Remote Factory Acceptance Test, we provide guidance throughout the whole process with the responsible technical HAUS personnel. We recommend you to use a headset-microphone set in order to provide continuous information exchange both on the screen and on the test bench of your machine. We record all test phases with a fixed camera and provide our testers with more freedom of movement with an integrated high resolution dynamic camera and reliable microphone technology, accordingly, they can use their hands to point out to more important points at the same time.

Technical Requirements
The requirements by our customers are very simple actually: The Microsoft Teams application must be installed on the computer that you will make the call for the Remote Factory Acceptance Test session. You do not need to install any other additional software. You should have an Internet connection at stable and sufficient speed for a proper video call. For even better process, it is recommended to use a webcam.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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