Our organization undertakes to protect the accessibility, confidentiality and integrity of all physical and electronic information assets it owns and to comply with all legal regulations, especially GDPR.

Our organization will employ staff who are open to change, well-trained and competent in their fields to meet information security requirements. In addition, it will have the financing, sufficient equipment to establish the infrastructure necessary for ensuring information security and to ensure its continuity.

Our information security system activities consist of issues such as emergency plans, data backup procedures, avoidance of viruses and hackers, access control systems and information security breach notification.

As a result of risk assessments, our objectives will be determined and the necessary resources and conditions will be provided to achieve these objectives. As a result of the risk assessments, the vulnerabilities and threats identified in the system will be eliminated and the information of our production personnel, administrative personnel, suppliers and customers will be protected in accordance with our information security policy.

In order to fulfill our Information Security policy, our personnel will be ensured to make Information Security Management System conditions a working style. It will be ensured that all personnel and third parties receive appropriate training on the Information Security Management System.

Applicable conditions regarding information security and the opportunities and requirements brought by these conditions will be fulfilled and these conditions will be continuously improved. Adaptation of our personnel (including our suppliers' personnel) and all relevant parties to this system will be ensured.

ISO 27001:2017 certification process has started since February 2021 and it is still ongoing. By the end of 2021, certificate process will have been accomplished according to the HAUS ISO 27001 Certificate Roadmap.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

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"For more than 65 years, HAUS has been synonymous with accomplishing high production quality, based on modern technologies; fulfilling customer satisfaction at utmost level dating back to 1954, when the young engineman Hakkı Gözlüklü has opened the doors of HAUS in Aydın and started activities. Between 2010 and 2018, HAUS Ist in İstanbul, HAUS Europe B.V. in the Netherlands, HAUS SEA in Malaysia, HAUS MED SRL in Italy, HAUS IBERICA in Spain and HAUS SA in India were founded. HAUS R&D Center was established in 2015 and the first turbo blower and screw press production began in 2017. Today, having the ability of manufacturing approximately 600 centrifuges annually with over 500 employees based on 32.000 m2 field integrated factory in Aydın - Turkey with latest technology equipment and quality system management, HAUS exports to more than 40 countries. For more detailed information about us: http://hausworld.com/page-17-about-us.html "
HAUS provides products and service to various applications at olive oil, food, environment, energy and industry sectors.
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"In case of a breakdown, you should apply to HAUS After Sales Services via e-mail, phone, website, or fax. You can send your service, spare parts and technical information requests by using digital channels. Thus, your service record will be opened and systematic action will be started and you will be returned as soon as possible."
You can contact the Commercial Affairs department at +90 256 231 0481.
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