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HAUS has managed to make a name in the global  competitive environment through many innovations it has carried out in the last 10 years. It has taken it as a goal to be a kind of a company which is followed, not which follows. Every improvement and innovation we have brought to dewatering and phsically separation sector is for finding a quicker solution and for increasing customer satisfaction. 

HAUS Mobile Lab., furnished with the equipment in  accordance with the sectors we serve, has brought a newer insight into solution and customer satisfaction. In the Lab., which is furnished with the laboratory technologies appropriate for all types of analyses that can be done in the outer field, the product will be checked if it complies with the process or not by continuous dewatering supply and phase separation through laboratory type decanters and separators which are prototype productions. 

In an age where every single second counts, we aim  to complete our work with minimal loss and upgrade our service and support quality.

As HAUS, we also aim to be a customer friendly company  with our after-sales technical support and field support services. Minimizing time loss and creating substantial solutions for the customer are of our main objectives. 

Our mobile laboratory vehicle, used for trial purposes to support demo field tests of mobile dewatering vehicles (mobile truck, mobile skid unit, mobile separator) and to create quicker and more effective solutions for determining process and product compliance has started to serve our customers.

The purpose of using mobile lab;

As the laboratory team, by examining phase separation (solid/liquid-solid/liquid/liquid-liquid/liquid), determining the types of chemicals and their amount to be used at optimum conditions, determining dewatering/separation efficiency, we offer performans guarantee for the samples sent to us by our customers at the sale stage.

Our mobile vehicle has been put into service to co-analyze through information exchange on the outer field with the customer what has been analyzed at lab conditions, and to provide the customer with a quicker substantial solution on the problems occuring during the process, on how the dewatering efficiency could be increased depending on the structure, and on the performans loss of the sold equipment after a certain time.

Also, the sold, the project and the assembling phase completed equipment, the process studies of which are made at the start-up phase; the product development and performans compliance of which are determined by supporting the field team, is dellivered to the customer  operating at its optimum performans. 

Contributions and benefits;

As you know, any equipment operating at a low  performans and not optimized in compliance with the process causes loss of time and a big sum of money. As a result of quick analyses carried out on the field, loss of time could be prevented and decanters and separators are optimized and they operate more efficiently and effectively. 

With the field visits at certain times, how the equipment  operates is monitored, samples are taken and the normal change in the process is analyzed. During this process, sending the samples from the field to the labarotary takes time. Thus, informing the customer on the results of the analysis and its compliance with the process delay. 

HAUS ‘’Mobile Lab.’’ offers a solution to prevent this delay.  

In addition, for a quick solution, we will bring an improvement to the sector for olive oil producers. It takes 3-5 days to send the samples to the laboratory by cargo, analyze them and have the results of the analyses. With our mobile labaratory, we will create quicker solutions on the field by taking instant measurements via our newer equipment and carrying out optimization studies according to seasonal  based product change. We will support olive oil producers throughout the season and they will not feel aggrieved.


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