Place: Germencik / Aydın, Turkey

Application: Dairy Application

Operating Machines:   



Interviewee : Tamer Özkaynak, Factory Manager

Ömer Tunç, Food Engineer

Interviewer: Evren Ekşi

Could you please introduce yourself?

Tamer Özkaynak: I’m Tamer Özkaynak. I’m the factory manager of Altınköy Food Company. Altınköy Food started its activities in 1998 in Torbalı, İzmir – Turkey by processing approximately 2 tones of milk per day. After 20 years, we moved our new factory in 2018.

How did you meet HAUS?

Tamer Özkaynak: We had a different brand cream separator in our old factory. When we needed a new machine, we received information from HAUS and other domestic manufacturers, and when we investigated the principles of production technology and machine operation, HAUS, which has already justified us in this process, became the closest to us.


Tamer Özkaynak:  We experienced that when we need service or emergency case we could find a smart solution. They supply our needs in terms of both the capacity, maintanence and service. Moreover, we believe that in the future even if we increase our machine numbers, HAUS will be enough to answer our needs easily in terms of working with a single supplier. The mooving process from old factory to new one was difficult and painful. HAUS was with us and they did not leave us without machinery. They provided us a temporary machine. Thus, we could both proceed our routine process and make test-drive at our new factory. Then, our relationship got better. We would like to state that our doors are always open to HAUS for any R&D works.

Where and for what purpose is HAUS used in your company?

Ömer Tunç: We have two machines from HAUS at our factory. One of them is 25 tones clarification separator and the other one is 10 tones cream separator. We use clarification separator to clean the raw milk from contaminants like somatic cell, pulverised straw or hairs. In this regard, at the tests of milk from machine output, we have achieved a good percentage. The separation degree is quite sufficient and successful.

We have been using the cream separator for many years without having a problem. When we have some small problems, we are glad that HAUS has a very good and fast maintenance service.


How can we help you?


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