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ONE OF US: Sander Van Hattem


My name is Sander van Hattem and some of you might have already seen me in Aydin in the last nine years or at least communicated with me through email.

I was born a long time ago in 1975 in the previous century, where after I completed my middle technical school of Mechanical Engineering, I studied Chemical Engineering.

After this I briefly worked at the Royal Dutch Airlines but very soon was infected with the decanter virus! In the meantime I met my girlfriend Gioia and we have been together for more than 20 years now. Even though we live in the south of the, by Dutch definition, big city of Rotterdam our household is like a small zoo with cats, multiple fish, and a few chickens.

Working on my old cars in my spare time is one of my hobbies as well as the general maintenance on our house which has been built in 1928 and which needs some refurbishment now and then. As I said, in January 2003 I started working in the decanter business as a sales manager and I’m still doing the same today! I am thankful that this job gives you the opportunity to travel to many different places and meet different people and cultures. I’m certain that this makes you grow as a person and gives you the opportunity to look at the world with a different and many times milder view.

After almost nine years working at an Italian manufacturer, I joined the HAUS Europe club only two months after it was founded.

At the time I already accepted a job offer at a drinking water company and It took some persuasion to move from one company to the other but when I visited the factory for the 1st time I was more than impressed by the skill, dedication and professionalism of the company and its workers that in the end the choice was easily made.

I have never regretted my switch and I am proud to have been a part of the team which has made HAUS and HAUS Europe as successful as we are now. We are not there yet, our race to the top has not finished!

I am looking forward to many more successful years together with my colleagues here in the Netherlands, in Turkey and all the other countries where are and where we will expand in the coming years.

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