Within the scope of its strategic marketing activities, HAUS is taking firms steps to meet its aim in target market and sectors. It crowned its service and sales network with sales and service maintenance agencies in addition to the new companies established in Tunisia, Morocco, Italy and Spain within the framework of its aim to expand its global existence.


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Spain is by far the world’s biggest olive oil producer. In its leadership in this regard, the differentiation of production methods from other countries has also played a role. Production in Spain is mainly carried out in high capacity facilities through cooperatives. Naturally, it is one of the biggest purchasers of the world in the “olive oil production machinery and facilities” market. Andalusia Region is one of the most famous olive oil production centers in the world. Therefore, we have created a new sales agency in Andalusia. And accordingly, we have strengthened our sales and maintenance presence in Andalusia. Our total organization in Spain continues in three points totally with our sales agency in North Spain.


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In addition to operating in Italy through its own firm for many years, HAUS has been providing service for its Customers in service, maintenance, spare parts, assembly etc. in several buildings located on a wide area in Mottola - Toronto in recent years. The support provided to the Customer was not unanswered and Morocco made HAUS to rise to number one among the countries to which it exports. Of the most important centers of the world in olive oil machinery manufacturing, in Italy, HAUS has been very proud to achieve this success; but it did not stop and decided to continue. New production facility in Gioia del Colle - Bari was started to be worked on as of December 1, 2020, and operating permits were obtained as of January 1, 2021 after new personnel recruitment. On the other hand, we have taken off with a new sales-support unit in Sicily, another olive oil production center with an area of 27 thousand square kilometers. In this way, we know that it has a reason why we are preferred in Italy where the most wellknown and expensive olive oils are produced.


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Tunisia is the most diversified economy in the region and one of the countries with the highest living standards of the continents. Olive cultivation and olive oil are the main agricultural products of the country. Of the leading olive oil producers and biggest exporters of the world, Tunisia has around 1,400 olive oil workshops 760 of which are modern continuous system olive oil production factories. In the country which is ahead of Turkey with its olive oil production for 225 thousands of tons on average annually (75% of production is exported), there is not any olive oil machinery manufacturing. Of the leading olive oil machinery markets of the world, in Tunisia, as HAUS we wanted to provide support through two companies that we established in order to meet the intense demand and service need which has been existing for years. Thanks to these companies which will separately focus on service and sales, it is aimed for Tunisia activities of HAUS to achieve perfect level. Our Tunisia company was established in and around the city of Sfax, where 61% of the olive oil production in the region is concentrated. Based on the fact that the gap caused in this geography where Western machinery manufacturers have been losing blood is being filled by Turkish machinery manufacturers, HAUS Tunisia organizational structure and personnel presence are being increased as well.


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Morocco that hosts the most fascinating cities of Mediterranean geography has a deeply rooted olive and olive oil tradition. Morocco which comes to the forefront with its olive oil production for 140 thousand tons on average annually and 5 thousand of olive oil production workshops of various sizes is the 6th biggest olive oil producer of the world. HAUS has established its own company in Morocco in order to provide a higher level of service and maintenance services to the machines that it has been selling in this country for years and to improve its sales capacity. In this way, HAUS has reinforced its strength thanks to its permanent sales team, in addition to the investments for Customer satisfaction such as delivering the necessary spare parts from its own stocks to the Customer quickly. With its location in Rabat city of Morocco and which is located at an equal distance to olive fields, HAUS Morocco provides service in a new company structure but with its well-established and experienced personnel and management staff


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