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One of Us : Evren EKŞİ


I was born in Üsküdar, İstanbul on April 12, 1990. Since I was an only child, I grew up with my cousins as siblings and this made me feel the extended family. I received my primary and high school education in İstanbul. I remember that I played a part and worked in various activities of important days and weeks with pleasure and got brownie points. After I graduated from Çengelköy Foreign Language Intensive High School, I went to Kocaeli University Department of English Language and Literature in 2008. During summer holidays of the university, I participated in the social project “Mediterranean Dialogue” that was conducted in Toledo, Spain and camps of “Natural and Recyclable Energy” organized in Bergamo, Italy within the European Voluntary Service. In addition, I worked as an assistant guide in a tour agency of trip vessels landing on İstanbul and English teacher in an etude center. When I was a final year undergraduate student (2011 – 2012), I received education in Lisbon University of Portugal for 1 year with Erasmus student exchage programme. Since I could catch and make use of such opportunities, my personal development and further career life was positively affected. Knowing different persons, cultures and places opened up my horizon and made me a person who was compatible with changes and broad-minded. Due to the nature of my department in the university, I had business opportunities in various branches like teaching, translation, guidance, etc. However, I had a real desire to work in a multinational and visionary company in which I can represent where I work in by using my language and communication skills even when I chose this department. I wanted to use my luck in this way at first (of course my formation education that I wanted to receive three times, but I could not for various reasons had an effect on this – and I see when I look back that this brought many different and nice things to me).

I received training and took part in courses in different periods of my life, such as theater, creative drama and improvisation. I am not a sportive person at all, but I was interested in gym, boxing and swimming to some extent. Since I am social and extrovert, I love spending time, wandering and traveling with my friends and family.

I crossed paths with HAUS in 2012 when I got an offer from a human resources company during my jobseeking period after I graduated from university. This was a brand-new sector for me and I was accepted to be risen according to the job definition. It was my first fulltime workplace and experience. I underwent a process during which I learned the work at work practically by taking the field directly. Unfortunately, there was no orientation program as we have today. Within the first month of my employment, I took the responsibility of an exhibition organization, saw the first machine that we produce there and tried to learn our products, services and activities from the explanations of sales team to the visitors. I also got informed in detail from brochures since we prepared all materials. Moreover, I experienced my first overseas travel to Iran in my third month. Since my other colleagues did not have a convenient program, I went there with Anıl KÜÇÜKKAVCI, after-sales services executive of that time. Translating to English on a subject which I could not have a better understanding on at all and hosting visitors during the exhibition gave me a great experience. Then, I took a break in my job for my mandatory military service between 2014 August – 2015 February. Luckily, I completed my recruit training was in Ankara, then I came to İstanbul for master union. Therefore, I was not far away from the work during my military service period and I had the opportunity to follow the work on some days of my weekend vacation and interview with Ms. Özden GÖZLÜKLÜ SAKA that we worked together in İstanbul office in those years. When I completed my service and got back to work, I decided to take master degree to chance my selftaught image in the company and I wanted to improve myself and contribute to my career life. This matter was always among my 20-age goals after the university and realized it with Non-Thesis Master’s Degree (MBA) Program of Business Administration in Yıldız Technical University between the years of 2015-2017. I am happy to have the opportunity to use a lot of information in marketing department for HAUS and gain experience. I took an active role in conducting and participating in many national and international events (exhibitions, seminars, launches, dealers meeting, sponsorship, etc.), preparing promotional materials, necessary matters for marketing communication like media purchasing and public relations, managing third parties and important consulting projects like brand and digital channels. In this process, I had the opportunity to learn various channels, industries, customer profiles and their ways of doing business. As of the last year, we have started to engage in pricing, market researches, digital channels, etc. with our growing department.

When I look back, today I see that I have witnessed the 8-year period and many milestones of the İstanbul office that celebrates its 10th anniversary and we have progressed with HAUS by growing, developing and changing each other. Since 2012 when I started to work, our company has been taking firm steps towards its goals. I see no reason for our HAUS brand not to be among top three enterprises in centrifuge technologies with its values, vision and mission in parallel with our brand’s core. I have absolute belief and support on this matter.

On the nature of this, I would like to thank everyone who gave their efforts in my journey, all my colleagues, HAUS team and my family. I especially would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to my mother who can stand on her own legs with her attitude and experiences, showed me how a woman can be so powerful and made me a man that believes the existence of women and respects them.

My best regards...


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HAUS provides products and service to various applications at olive oil, food, environment, energy and industry sectors.
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