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Providing all processes and studies on Information  Technologies through the purchase of services until 2016, HAUS Company has activated Information Management Systems by employing six experts in parallel with its principle of digitalization, which is among the objectives of the organization. 

The importance given to data and its effect on decision  making process has been continuously improving at HAUS Company since its establisment. We use the power of Cloud Computing to develop data we obtain from different sources in accordance with our innovative approach in R&D activities and our customers’ needs. We are making improvements for the flow of data to the relevant departments without interruption, in an updated way and safely. Our Mobile Service Application, completely within our organization and special to HAUS Company, is one of the best examples of this. 

As the Information Management Systems we are aware of  the importance of data as well as keeping it safe. Our first step in digitalization was creating “Disaster Recovery Plan” and ensuring our business continuity in every situation. Digital disasters are generally identified with natural disasters, but it  is only 3% that companies can experience natural disasters. 

However, experiencing a digital disaster with operational  reasons like data loss, data contamination, server error, system control room failure, human error, theft, cyber attack and power loss is 97%. For that reason, we have aimed to establish an Information Sytems infrastructure which will protect our domestic and foreign customers from natural disasters as well as hardware failures, cyber attacks and hundreds of other potential disasters without damage. We have designed an infrastructure ready with its all sources from business impact analysis to disaster recovery test needed for a real disaster recovery for every step of the process. Defining regulations and policies needed to maintain critical functions, documentation and application of it was carried out by taking international standarts of business continuity into consideration in case of an emergency or a very long intolerable situation. 

As HAUS IT, to keep up with the digital age, we are improving  our business processes in Hybrid Cloud, Virtualized Networks, Actual Stock, Multi Level Security and in many other newer technological areas starting with organizational structures. We place great importance on newer business and thinking styles which will increase competencies of the whole company. In brief, we feel ready for the paradigm shift in which the rules of the game are rewritten.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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