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In today’s competitive market conditions, within the  body of HAUS, where the number of key-ready projects is increasing every passing day with its quality and effective engineering solutions, our mission as the project department is organize all the activities in every project work in the most correct way to reach assigned conclusions in line with the assigned objectives. 

As HAUS family, on our way out, with the aim of becoming  a world leader which provides its customers with high quality products and solutions with innovative design engineering and effective service perception, our foremost mission is make our mark on every step of each project work from the beginning to the end with our dynamic, innovative team committed to their job with passion; put our hearts and souls into our work in order to obtain better project results than the previous one with the motto “Towards better and further with every new project”. 

Our mission as the project team is to plan, manage and  control all the resources needed to carry out the project effectively by taking assigned duration, its cost and technical conditions into consideration. A successfully managed project is the one which is delivered on the requested time by the costumer, which delivers commitments, and which is carried out within the planned budget.

While bringing the project into action, if we look briefly through the journey of our team from the pre-sale step to the start-up of the plant, all these following things in the list are among our main duties and responsibilities.

• To come to an agreement with the customer on project details by looking through the contract and job request before starting the project,

• To identify requirements and operational plans within the project time, its scope and cost management

• To provide the equipment for the project and necessary coordination for the team

• To lead technical and administrative activities and provide integration

• To continuously monitor its progress and outcomes and evaluate it

• To inform the customer and the senior management about the project’s progress and the problems encountered

• To check if the project activities comply with the contract and the plans

Each of our mechanical and electric-automation teams which forms project department’s inner structure have their signatures on a variety of R&D projects combining innovative point of view of HAUS with the customer’s needs and demands in addition to their daily work routine. On the one hand, with the purpose of providing different industries with fast and effective solutions, our mechanical team carries out the project of mobile unit, which can be used with different model decanters. On the other hand, in a perfect harmony with modern technological developments, our electric-automation team continues to improve and renew the electric-automation systems existing in all systems and plants in our company.

Since the day when we, the project department were established, the projects we managed to complete  successfully in different sectors make us feel the right pride of this. 

So far, having the leading position inolive oil applications  in the world, HAUS has its signature on thousands of projects. Among these projects, the following are the ones which have attracted attention especially in recent years; 

• Project designing of oil and extraction line for the AYVALIK  plants of KRİSTAL YAĞ company which is an important olive oil producer worlwide and places great importance on the quality of the oil it produces, assembling and the following of plant start-up process within the specially designed project 

• Within FAS ZITOUNWAZIT project operating with  12 tonne/h capacity and in which olive and a second extraction line were applied together, key-ready assembling of olive and olive pomace extraction plant together with an integrated system where olives of different sizes are processed by being taken to silos In industrial applications; 

• Within ETİ MADEN BANDIRMA Borax Peroxide project,  project designing, assembling and performans tests were completed with 70 m³/h capacity and %0,05 solid particles in the sentrant. With this project, we feel right proud of being in the operation process of borax, one of the most important raw materials in our country. 

• Within the petrol sludge dewatering project, thanks to  mobile unit and tank base applications we offered to world’s giant companies like TÜPRAŞ and QATAR GAS, we contributed to time and cost benefits with the solution of mobilizing/demobilizing quickly.

• By doing board&automation design and work in  compliance with automation/electric agreements of another petrol giant, PETRONAS, we successfully proved that engineering solutions of HAUS have improved in this field, too. 

In environmental applications, in addition to the  projects for our customers who serve as contractor companies for many treatment plants, we run key-ready projects for institutions and organizations as the last customer as well. Finally, within ASAT Serik Region Decanter Purchase, the tender of which we won in 2018, we managed to follow all the critical processes which we followed with close interest and determination from manufacturing to assembling and start-up and managed to deliver successfully although there were challenging values on the agreement.

And finally, in the food sector, among our references in which our DDF 4742 model was used and we completed successfully are ARJANTİN BODEGA Wine Application grape pulp processing project and ANADOLU ETAP orange pulp processing project.

It all starts with a dream… We have many more dreams, and effort to make our dreams come true, many roads to walk along. As the project department, we would like to express our respects and thanks to firstly our company directors who support all our dreams and effort and then to all HAUS family.


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