Location: Manisa / Turkey

Application : Waste Water Treatment

Operating Machines:

  • DDE 3532 – Kula AAT 
  • DDE 2342 – Gelenbe AAT
  • 3 piece of DDE 4742 – Akhisar AAT DDE 2342 – Durasıllı AAT
  • 2 piece of DDE 4742 – Salihli AAT
  • 2 piece of DDE 3532 – Kırkağaç AAT DDE 2342 – Gördes AAT
  • 2 piece of DDE 3542 – Soma AAT
  • 3 piece of DDE 5342 – Merkez AAT DDE 3542 – Saruhanlı AAT

Interviewee : Gökhan ÇEVİK / MASKİ General Directorate Head of Wastewater Treatment Department

Interviewer : Feriha BAHAR 

Can we briefly recognize you and MASKİ?

I am Gökhan Çevik, Head of Waste Water Treatment Department at MASKİ General Directorate and I am also an Environmental Engineer.

MASKI General Directorate is the first and only general directorate in Manisa. The MASKI General Directorate was established in 2014 after the Metropolitan Law, which was issued in 2012. As an organization, we have approximately 4.5 year-settlement. I'm talking about an institution that did not have a desk or chair in the beginning.

We have 17 districts, and although 4 districts do not have any wastewater treatment facilities, project works for these districts are ongoing. As of today, there are 17 wastewater treatment plants in 13 districts. We took over most of these facilities idle, not operating, with missing or corrupt mechanical and electrical components. We have been operating these problematic facilities for about 3.5 years. The first 2 years of this was through a firm. We have been operating with our own expert team for the last 1.5 years. We provide the management and administration of these facilities with our expert colleagues. We have a young, dynamic and valuable team. Doing all this work together with 138 staff in total, we are trying to purify the wastewater of Manisa. We are on the field every day. every day we visit the land and all our facilities and ensure the operation and control. 

Together with our settlement, we have ensured that the activities are taken from the private and directed to the state. Under normal circumstances, it is considered more functional to direct to the private from the state, but we have reversed this with our settlement. To summarize, with this settlement, we operate our facilities using our own resources. We do our own maintenance of our material, fixtures and equipment by supplying them ourselves. Thus, by removing the concept of contractor, we take care of all our business. This has increased our profitability ratio and enabled us to operate the plants more successfully and efficiently.

Mr. Cengiz ERGÜN, Chairman of the Board of the Metropolitan Municipality and MASKİ, attaches great importance to the wastewater treatment plants located throughout the province for a healthier and cleaner environment. He uses every opportunity to express that we are working to inherit a more livable world for future generations. One of our President's biggest dreams is to catch fish again on the Gediz River one day.

As an indication of all these, our Municipality, under the leadership of our President, received the award for “The Municipality which made the most investments in infrastructure” and our General Directorate for “The institution which established the most wastewater treatment plants”.

How did you meet HAUS?

In 90% of our 17 wastewater treatment plants, HAUS brand decanters are used as sludge dewatering unit. When our General Directorate was established in 2014, it was the duty of the district municipalities to operate the wastewater treatment plant before we took over the facilities. After MASKI General Directorate was established, the operation of wastewater treatment plants was transferred to MASKI General Directorate and Wastewater Treatment Department.

When our company started to operate the facilities, one of the first works we did was to move towards the maintenance of our decanters. Due to this, when we took over our facilities, there was already a facility installed and decanters. When we made the feasibility work of these facilities, we determined that there were HAUS brand decanters and we went on the tender for after-sales service, and we contacted you because you won our tender. Sludge dewatering and therefore decanters are the most important unit, process and equipment for us. If the extraction and removal of the sludge in a wastewater treatment plant does not occur regularly and effectively, it means that the treatment has not been done properly. As a natural cycle, a decanter is needed to draw the sludge, and periodic maintenance is required for the decanter to work well. Accordingly, by winning our tender, HAUS has performed our major and minor care.

Before these treatments, the maintenance of our decanters did not take place in a proper way. In this sense, the new maintenance we have made is a milestone for us. We take these treatments we have carried out with HAUS as the reference point. With the help of the maintenance service, we became acquainted with HAUS company.

Where and for what purpose is HAUS used in your company?

As MASKİ, our main task is to supply water to 17 citizens of Manisa; such as water, wastewater and sewage; to deliver it to the citizens, to bring sewage by way of drainage to the sewage treatment plant and to eliminate it from the wastewater treatment plant. We use HAUS brand decanters in 90% of the dewatering units of the treatment sludges when performing the disposal process.

Finally, is there anything you want to add?

We are proud of having a company like HAUS and such a technology in Turkey. Although we appreciate your goal of becoming the first in the world, we hope that this is not only a sales target, and we wish you continue your current line by maintaining it and progressing continuously.


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