Place: Ezine / Çanakkale, Turkey

Application: Olive Oil Extraction

Operating Machines:   

Pomax 64

MS 6x750 Malaxer

Interviewee : Talip KAÇAR

Interviewer: Feriha BAHAR

Mr. Talip, can you tell us about yourself and give information about S.S. No. 215 Ezine Olive and Olive Oil Agricultural Sales Cooperative?

First, hi, this is Talip Kaçar. For about 7 years I have been working for S.S. No. 215 Ezine Olive and Olive Oil Agricultural Sales Cooperative.

Our facility was established in 2002 on an area of approximately 13 acres in Geyikli Valley. 2500 m2 of this area consists of closed area. Previously in our plant, there were 96 models and 2002 models of machines belonging to different brands. However, in 2013, with a state grant, we purchased a machine and continued our production with 3 plants. In addition, we have one continuous system line in Ezine centre. As of the previous year, we had the opportunity to meet HAUS, even if it is a little bit late. We decided to replace the malaxer of our 96-model machine for the first time in 3-5 years and our choice was HAUS. We met on this occasion. Afterwards, we tried hiring the Olive Pomace Processing Plant, which we call as Secondary Extraction, from HAUS again. As a result of our tests, we found it worth investing by being satisfied with the performance of the machine and seeing it is promising. The process continued with our application to Çanakkale Provincial Agricultural Grant. With a 50% grant, we purchased a plant with a larger capacity of 200 tons. This plant has a double core separator and a capacity of 15 tons of malaxer. We are actively using our machines and we are pleased with them.

Our facility has a capacity of processing 270 tons of olives in 24 hours. The olive yields we receive are also going well. We get oil for each 3.5-4 kg from the lower part olives. In upper part olives, that is shake down olives, we get oil for each 4-6 kg. However, these ratios are variable due to factors such as weather conditions, type and structure of olives and external factors, as the people who know olive and olive oil will understand.

At the beginning of 2018-2019 olive season, we processed approximately 3000 tons of olives. We had processed a total of 8550 tons the previous year. Likewise, we encountered similar figures in 2018-2019 season.

You mentioned briefly above, but can you tell us how you met HAUS?

We intended to establish an extraction facility in 2014, but for various reasons we did not. In fact, our intention was to achieve the facility and capacity we have today. We met with various companies and made evaluations in accordance with price, performance and various criteria. In fact, we met in this way, but depending on the circumstances we gave up establishing the facility. But during this process, our communication never broke. HAUS Regional Authorized Service Murat Can visited us from time to time. In fact, we can say that our communication continued through him. Then, as I mentioned above, we bought a malaxer in 2016. The malaxator was the beginning of our work with HAUS. In 2017, we hired a complete line facility and went on this way. During the process, Mr. Hakkı, Mr. Erdinç and Mr. Emirhan visited us, and we became close with them.

How would you explain why you chose HAUS?

Of course, first, quality and price duo come to mind. For us, these two conditions are important, but considering a continuous working facility and the workload of the season, fast and high-quality service is very important at the purchasing stage, too. The one that arrives here as soon as I call the service is my priority. We compete over time in the season and not only daily losses even hourly losses are very important for us. I think the closeness of the service is the biggest plus. Of course, foreign machines also have their own advantages, but either they do not have service or the local service personnel do not understand them. In such a case we met before, we sent our two foreign brand machines to HAUS for revision. We had both auger fillings and rollers as well as two-phase transformations done at HAUS 'plant in Aydın. They were understanding and they helped us in all matters. That is why, they were our choice. It is an important criterion for us to be close to their service and their response to our needs when we call them.

Finally, is there anything you want to add?

By structure, Tariş cooperatives are associations with official capital partners. Our priority is to serve partners rather than profit. In this sense, while the private sector works with 10% right oil, we work with 4% level. We are the largest business in the region at present. There are other private sector enterprises but Tariş is the biggest support point here. Tariş cooperatives are very important both for the economic protection of the producer and for the service point. Every year we strive for how we can improve our institutions and renew them. We try to do something every year. I've been working here for 6 years, and we will do our best with our team. Our only aim is to provide the best service. To do this, we allocate as much budget as we can for the equipment.

Finally, I hope the 65th anniversary of HAUS will be auspicious, and we will continue our cooperation in the same way.


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