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ONE OF US: Visnukumar Vettrieveil

Hello everyone,

I’m Visnukumar Vettrieveil, I hail from Malaysia, and I just entered my 30’s in this 2022. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to contribute to a column for the first edition of 2022 InHaus Magazine. Thanks to God for His blessings and at the same time, I would like to convey my gratitude to all my family members, friends, and colleagues for their support throughout my life journey.

A brief history of myself. I was born in August 1992 in Ipoh, Perak to the couple of Vettrieveil Panaiappan and Pasendi Periannan. I’m the family’s youngest child, having a sister who came before me. I love to travel especially to places I have never been before, and my favorites are spicy foods. After graduating from high school in my hometown, I pursued a three-year Diploma in Offshore Engineering and a five-year Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering. My first job was as a Service Engineer at Afdal Success, a service-based organization, where I started as soon as I completed my diploma. Engaging in palm oil, power generation and oil and gas sector, my quest lasted for 6 years with Afdal Success before it came to a close in October 2018.

I’m acquainted with HAUS personnel since 2014 when I was still with Afdal Success for few palmoil projects. In 2018, I approached HAUS to see if I might strike a seat here because I’m always keen to be in an organization where my abilities are tested and pushed to the limit. I knew that this is the right spot for me land. God’s grace in November 2018 I started my journey as Southeast Asia Service Executive with HAUS. I realized this will be my best moment to prove my own self and contribute to the growth of the company. Most importantly, what admires me is regardless of where employees are stationed around the world, their welfare is duly protected in HAUS.

Here, the door was open for me to demonstrate my capabilities. Currently I’m responsible for After Sales Department for Southeast Asia countries in terms of spare parts sales and technical. Not to deny, my friends from HAUS SEA as well as HAUS TURKEY office and factory, have been instrumental in aiding me to get through tasks.

It’s a good opportunity for me to extend my infinite thanks to them. None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great effort, and together we can do something wonderful. We strive, we care, and we grow together as one HAUS family.


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