Celebrating its 65th anniversary this year, HAUS organized an iftar dinner for all employees and their families. The brand book was launched at the event where our General Manager Mr. Hakkı Gözlüklü made the opening speech. During the night, we talked about the values that have brought HAUS to these days, the language it has with its behavioural patterns within the framework of the essence of the brand, and the forces that activate HAUS. In addition, plaquettes were presented to the employees who have been working for over 15 years.


Ramadan, the sultan of eleven months, is the month that calls us to be understanding and tolerant. Perhaps among the most beautiful virtues it teaches is patience, endurance, faith and stability. The iftar tables set with enthusiasm with friends are the best reward of this patience. Everyone cooperates; young people, adults must bring at least a plate or fork to the table. Every person at the table is cared for, prayers are sincere. Meals are shared modestly.

One of these exquisite Ramadan tables was prepared under the roof of HAUS brand house. About 460 people working and their valuable families shared the iftar meal together. Everyone had labour on the table, some put their planning skills on the table, some their time spent on the night shift at the lathe, some their overtime under the welding mask, some their design ability ... Each table was magnificent; easier said than done, 65 years of taste on the palate.

One of the symbols of the month of Ramadan is the whirling dervish, who shows us the transition between the earth and the sky, and whose movements are harmonious and balanced. Symbols are important. They leave a mark on one’s mind, become more valuable brands and finds a place in the hearts. As HAUS, the foundation of our brand is to care, and we have challenged the years in the light of this principle. We care without distinction between domestic and foreign customers. We ask how we can help when there is a problem, we think together and gladly become part of the solution.

This year, our new slogan “BECAUSE WE CARE” was introduced to the guests at the iftar dinner organization. Friends working in different departments of HAUS went on the floor and made a mini play that introduced the title “The Word We Like and The Words We Don’t Like ” and were applauded with great enthusiasm by the guests. The families taking beautiful pictures in the social media corner were acclaimed after their sharing. Their plaquettes were given to the valuable employees who have been working with HAUS family for 15 years or more. Our friend who was the top sharer of our slogan with the #becausewecare hashtag was given a surprise gift at the end of the day.

We are an enthusiastic, energetic and innovative team aiming at continuous development. We cooperate, and everyone has their finger in the pie. Our strength comes from the fact that we are self-confident and humble, and we maintain our sincerity. Our goal is to become one of the world's top three centrifugal technology providers by passing our knowledge to new generations. We wish that there will be more 65 years in which we add value to our city, country and world and that many more tables will be set up; because we are HAUS, because we care.

Gökçe ÖZDAŞ - Planning Engineer 


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