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ONE OF US: Selnur Karakoç


I am Selnur Karakoç, I was born on September 23, 1987 in Balıkesir. I graduated from Industrial Engineering Department of Balıkesir University. I am a mechanical engineering graduate student at Adnan Menderes University. I am married and mother of a 5-year-old daughter. I have been a member of HAUS family since 2014.

I started my professional life as a Quality Engineer at Çanakkale Seramik Kitchen-Bathroom Furniture Company in 2012. During my first professional experience, I received practical training on WORK STUDY practices at Çanakkale Seramik’s business facility. After working for 3.5 years, I quit my job due to marriage. After taking a break from working for 8 months, I started my journey in HAUS in 2014 as a Method engineer. While my husband and I were living in Midyat for my husband’s eastern mission, I met with HAUS. I could not have predicted that an ad that I had saw on Kariyer.net over the weekend would be the beginning step of my 7-year adventure.

I worked at HAUS as Method engineer, Planning engineer and Method manager. I will be working as Director of the Engineering Services Department as of 07/06/2021 established in order to carry out the systematic studies to accelerate the dynamism of HAUS and to reach the production targets with sure steps.

There are many milestones in my HAUS journey and development. One of those milestones that I played a role in the HAUS New Factory Construction project, which we started with Gökhan Kutluk in 2016 and I am still proud to be in, and I developed my working systematic with Mr. Gokhan’s working systematic and work discipline. And, working with İbrahim Akman from the Planning Department where I took a temporary role in 2017, is one of the important elements in getting to know and developing Selnur in her professional life. During this 7-year-long adventure, I believe that I have continued to grow and develop with HAUS and to improve myself in my professional life. It is inevitable that the education and learning journeys are continuous in this constantly developing company and in this sector where new technologies are constantly integrated.

The best aspect of working at HAUS is that the members of this organization led by the innovative perspective of Mr. Hakkı Gozluklu are young, dynamic and development-oriented. Concepts such as hiding information, being unhelpful, and talking back among colleagues are far from this company. I can say that we work as a big family in HAUS.

I would like to express my gratitude to all my managers and teammates, especially Hakkı Glasses, İbrahim Akman and Gökhan Kutluk, who trust and support me in my professional life, and my wife and daughter, the biggest supporters of mine in maintaining the balance between business life and private life.


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