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HAUS CUSTOMER STORIES: Wärtsilä Water Systems Ltd.

Yer / Place: Poole, Birleşik Krallık / Poole, United Kingdom Uygulama / Application : Yolcu gemileri için atık arıtma / Waste treatment for cruise ships

Çalışan Makineler / Operating Machines: birkaç / several DDE2342, DDI2342 & DDE3532

Röportajı Veren / Interviewee: Martin Shutler (Wärtsilä Water Systems Baş Mühendis / Lead Engineer Wärtsilä Water Systems)

Röportajı Yapan / Interviewer: Remko van Hasselt (HAUS Europe BV Satış Müdürü / Sales Manager HAUS Europe BV)

1. Could you please introduce yourself and your company?

My name is Martin Shutler, Lead Engineer at Wärtsilä Water Systems Ltd. (formerly ‘Hamworthy Water Systems’). We are specialised in waste & water treatment on ships, specially cruise ships.

The company is based in Poole in the United Kingdom. Wärtsilä Water Systems Ltd. (WWS) is part of the Finnish company Wärtsilä. Wärtsilä is a global leader in the marine market as supplier of ship engines, exhaust gas cleaners, ballast water systems, waste treatment systems, etc.

2. How did you meet HAUS?

The first contact between WWS and HAUS was back in 2016 and was arranged via a German consultant company. This company found HAUS Europe BV because of a program initiated by the Dutch ‘Enterprise Europe Network’. This network (from the Dutch Government) mediates in establishing relationships between companies within the European Union. Since the beginning of our cooperation with HAUS Europe BV, we have worked together with several cruise ship projects where HAUS Europe BV has supplied decanter centrifuges and polymer preparation units.

The cruise ships are built at different shipyards in Germany and Italy.

3. Where and for what purpose is HAUS used in your company?

The HAUS decanters are installed at the machine rooms inside the cruise ships. Typical ‘Wet Waste’ treatment process is as follows: the ‘black water’ (from toilets) as well as ‘grey water’ (from showers and sinks) is treated with a Membrame BioReactor (MBR). The MBR treats the wastewater based on biological degradation and membrane separation. The ‘Bio sludge’ after the MBR is dewatered on the HAUS decanters.

Besides the Bio sludge decanters, HAUS has delivered decanters as well for the ‘Dry Waste’ handling: Food Waste from the galleys is first macerated, then transported under vacuum, collected and dewatered on decanters as well. In most cases, the dewatered Bio sludge and the Food Waste is burned on-board in an incinerator. The systems are very compact and highly energy efficient.

The systems are in full compliance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards in order to protect pollution of the oceans.

4. Why HAUS? What are the advantages with HAUS?

HAUS is always very cooperative and always gives their full support. They have skilled specialists who know what they are doing and what they are talking about. They are always motivated to help us out with any request. For the waste treatment systems we are working with the same group of sub suppliers for different cruise ship projects but HAUS is definitely one of the most valued and trustworthy suppliers.

5.Would you like to add anything about the sector and market?

The cruise ship industry has had a diffi- cult and challenging year due to the Covid pandemic, many cruise shipping compa- nies were forced to completely cease their activities. Luckily the cruise ship business is restarting again as most of the people

received the vaccinations in the meantime. We are looking forward to restart our busi- ness as well and to continue our coopera- tion with HAUS.


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