Dear Valued Customers, Colleagues and Suppliers,

As the year 2022 ends and we enter the year 2023, we observe that the world is in a rapid change. This change, which started with the pandemic, continued with an unexpected Russia-Ukraine War. China-Taiwan tension, droughts in Europe, China, India and the USA, monetary tightening policies, the world’s going power polarization, and also risks such as high inflation, energy and food crisis, global recession, and cash crunch are still ahead. Countries, companies and individuals should be prepared for this rapid and uncertain change of the world.

According to the October 2022 OECD report; while Turkey is expected to close the year with a growth rate of 5.3% and an inflation increase of 73.2%, the global growth forecast is stated as 3.1%. In 2023, 3.1% growth and 44.6% inflation are expected for Turkey, while the global growth expectation is announced as 2.2%.

While the situation continues like this in Turkey and in the world, I am happy to state that HAUS is closing the year 2022 with a growth rate of 16%. I see that the intense shipments and installations we have made in the last 4 months have exhausted us both physically and morally. Luckily, we have completed this challenging year by providing the necessary support with our strong human resources and technical infrastructure. I would like to thank all my teammates and suppliers, who are the architects of this success, for their valuable efforts and contributions; and once again I would like to express my gratitude to our valued customers who trust us and show patience.

Today, we continue to care about our customers with HAUS companies in 10 different countries and Haus dealers in 24 countries. HAUS branded products are preferred in 76 countries in olive oil, energy-environment and industry-food fields.

Thanks to our common computing infrastructure, we are expanding our geographical spread while connecting operations in existing countries.

We continue to improve our level of knowledge, organization and data processing infrastructure in terms of reliable product, differentiation in customer communication and strong after-sales services, which are the distinguishing features of HAUS.

We have set our growth target for 2023 as 15%, at the same time, we will continue our efforts to increase the diversity in our product-process applications in line with our plans. This year, we will be taking steps to carry our process capability in olive oil to different sectors. We expect this strategic decision to bring new opportunities for the HAUS group.

I would also like to draw attention to the fact that the number of our HAUS Group employees, which made this growth successful and will further improve it, reached 845 from 729 in the last year, and 119 of these employees were women (we had 66 women employees last year). The increase in the number of our female employees is of particular importance for us. As of this year, we will initiate human resources programs for the orientation of our new friends and the development of our current employees.

We are starting to transfer HAUS style leadership to our employees. We aim to disseminate MOTAD, which is an indispensable part of this leadership set; We will better understand how important this leadership style is in a world where there are imminent changes and risks in the next 1 year.


1. We will harmonize our ten-year strategy with our short-term plans, and we will be presenting different scenarios while making uncertain risks predictable.

2. Did we make a mistake? We will be putting the other plan into action and taking action again without getting stuck with it.

3. We will set aside complaints and useless comments, develop solutions and take action.

4. We will definitely be on the field to take the proper decisions and actions for all these.

Our process of moving to our new campus has started and according to our current plan, this process will be completed within 1 year. I must say that this investment, which will be a turning point for the Haus Group, excites not only the Haus Family, but also the people of the region who see and hear it. I would like to thank all HAUS YAPI team and subcontractors who contributed to this beautiful work..

As I finish my words here, I wish the new year brings health, peace and success to the entire HAUS Family. Have a good year and spend it with our loved ones.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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"HAUS manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality centrifuge technology products such as; • Decanter centrifuges, • Disc stack separators, • Continuous system olive oil extraction plants, • Screw presses, • Turbo blowers, • Mobile units and auxiliary equipment and offers familiar service on set-up, turn-key integrated project management, maintenance, spare-parts and aftersales solutions for specific markets and industries."
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"There are many different situations that can affect the performance of your machine. Here, you should check the pre-equipment process and review the relevant section of your equipment and the user operating manual given to you. After checking the data on the machine by authorized operators, you can contact the Technical Support department and get support for the analysis and control of your data. To get machine information: http://hausworld.com/contact.html "
"Before the machines are unloaded from the vehicle or the container, the general control must be made, and the machines condition must be recorded with photographs or video if possible. The date, time and location of the damage should be noted. As soon as the damage is detected, a report must be signed by the driver of the vehicle, the number of damaged containers must be indicated on the CMR convention and the signature of the carrier must be taken. CMR insurance will then be activated. In case of shipment damages, the damage report prepared with the logistics company should be directed to HAUS, meanwhile, the relevant insurance expert should be informed immediately and act according to the expert's instructions. It should not be forgotten that you may have to pay material damages due to transactions that are not done correctly on time. For more detailed information, you can request assistance from the relevant HAUS Sales department or After Sales Services department."
You must keep the delivery report provided to you during and after commissioning, the sales contract, the operating manual provided with the machine, the electrical project, the checklists prepared by HAUS during commissioning and the service commissioning report for future service and maintenance needs.