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One of Us : Walter van Eeuwijk

Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit more about me and my life.

My name is Walter van Eeuwijk and currently financial director of HAUS Europe B.V.

I was born in Rotterdam in 1972 and grew up in a village near this beautiful city, together with my brother and sister.

In 1989 I met Jacqueline and we are still together to this day and have now been married for over 20 years. We went back to live in Rotterdam almost 19 years ago and are lucky to have two beautiful kids.

Our son Max (2004) is in the fourth grade of the school of higher general secondary education and our daughter Donna (2008) is going to special daytime care since she was born with Angelman Syndrome. If you want to learn more about this syndrome, please visit www.ninafoundation.eu.

I have coached several youth football teams for over 8 years and you can still find me as a spectator along the fields in my spare time, but I also like to watch football on TV, where I prefer matches of Ajax and the Dutch national team.

In addition, I often listen to music (preferably to U2) and can really enjoy a good glass of whiskey or a well-prepared meal.

Immediately after completing my pre-university education in 1990, I started my professional career at an audit firm (Deloitte), doing a combination of studying and working.

After almost six years Deloitte I started working as a financial controller for and on request of one of my clients (Pieralisi Benelux B.V.) and there I worked my way up to financial director.

I have worked at Pieralisi for almost 16 years and there it was where I had the privilege to meet and work with Harold Paagman (currently managing director of HAUS Europe B.V.).

In 2012 Harold and I started HAUS Europe B.V. and I do not regret this decision to this day. It feels good to be part of the HAUS family and to work for a company with a vision for the future. I hope to be able to continue doing this until the end of my career.

I wish everyone the best of luck and health in these strange times and hope that we all can travel freely again to meet each other soon.Stay safe! #BECAUSEWECARE


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