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Education, culture and knowledge… together they constitute the biggest window to the enlightenment. M. K. ATATÜRK

Because of this, we can not stay away from this window. We can not stay apart from wisdom.

We can not set aside the knowledge accumulated by time. In the most proper way; we must have a high level of experience in our profession and life. We should strongly desire this. It must be our greatest ideals to develop, grow and be permanent, of which the biggest foundations are reading and learning. And also a great idea for us is to bring what we learned to life. EDUCATION; is application of what has been learned at work.

In accordance with this thought, foresight, the shortage of qualified personnel in our country, the inadequacy of technical education in social education, our aim of everyone using the same jargon, and of course the increase in the personnel needs of our developing company; our Technical Education Department was established in 2020 in order to meet these demands and started its preparations in a fast manner.

We had a clear aim: Increasing the accumulation of technical knowledge. We have many departments that perform operations in the technical field, from Machining, Assembly, Maintenance, to After Sales Services. So we had to be in a certain order and discipline. We were aware that the biggest deficiency in our country is the scarcity of people who hold tools in their hands, and we first concentrated on that area. We utilized the concept of Ahilik, which our ancestors created with a great stream of thought. We focused on the weakness of the masterapprentice relationship and its development. Those who know should convey what they know so that the generation can move forward, progress, develop itself and help others develop. In this manner, the apprentices should respect to their master. Of course, we could not be far from the developments in the world. We followed all the developments and added the latest findings and facilities to our lecture notes. All of our technical departments have put forward their knowledge. They opened their sources and prepared lecture notes in a determined discipline on all technical subjects. We, as the technical education department, have created a library with these lecture notes and opened them into use of our colleagues.

We emphasized all our Employees the following motto: The one who knows and the one who does not know are not equal. Therefore, we had to highlight, glorify and raise our friends who know more than others and desire to improve themselves. We have developed a classification ranging from Technical Personnel to Specialization and Division Chief. We have listed the technical topics that every level should know. We prepared the Education-Training concept within HAUS in a short time with the lecture notes which are prepared according to the levels. In April 2020, our experts and all our Employees met and the first lessons began to flow with great excitement and determination. Our first thought was the development of the in-company education concept, and we have achieved that too. We were not dependant on externally supported concepts. And we plan not be to be dependant in future either. We had to make sure that every information given was conveyed correctly and we tested our friends at the end of the education. As well as giving opportunity to our colleagues to rise according to their success, we focused again on the places where we saw lack of knowledge and followed the development of our friends who were educated. And we will keep up following their development throughout their career in our company.

Unfortunately, the Corona Virus pandemic, which caused deep wounds all over the world and disrupted education and training, required us to take measures in our education method immediately. Although we do our first lessons according to pandemic standards, under mask and social distance rules; in the following time, we inevitably noticed a drawback in our Employees. We could no longer continue in-class lessons in this period. Although there are live lesson opportunities through various platforms, high number of personnel forced us to find a better solution. During this period, we created an internet platform and directed all our Employees to this platform with their corporate username and password. By moving our level courses to this platform, we reinforced the lessons that our Employees should take by supporting them with both lecture notes and videos of the same lectures. Our fast solution in modern education conditions was embraced by all departments in a short time. Currently, both our level courses and private courses and practical information that everyone should know can be followed very easily from all over the world on this platform, even on smart phones.

Again, in 2020, our Human Resources department cooperated with İŞKUR and started Employment courses. In these courses, we put in our friends, who we are aiming to join us, to a rigorous training process. Our trainees were mainly vocational high school graduates, as well as young people who were expecting and willing to be Employed. We organized a course program that included both the development of manual skills, the enhancement of mechanical knowledge, and the training of the knowledge of the machines we manufacture. The course program of these friends who will be assigned to field operations is currently in progress in an active and planned manner.

The technical education department continues its studies in practice as well as theory. Having a Test and Education Center within our factory building makes us strong. In our Test and Education Center, we carry out installation, equipment, commissioning and operation trainings of all our machines by seeing, feeling and living personally. In this Test and Education center, after-sales services training is also carried out. We prepare our Employees for the field with great loading of knowledge.

Much broader and more detailed issues await us in 2021. Until now, we have determined 197 courses on Technical Information, Process Knowledge and our Machines. Lecture notes for most of these lessons have been prepared. For video explanations, we continue on preparing the videos fort he lessons. We are currently in preparation of courses under specific topics. As we are a company that appeals to the entire world, having dealers and representative offices in many continents and countries, and existence of foreign Employees in our HQ require that the language of education should also be in native languages of all these countries. While the preparation of our educations continues, our foreign language translations continue with our expert translators among us. We have determined a target of completing translations of our educations at least to two foreign languages in 2021.

In the near future, HAUS ACADEMY, which brings together all personal and social educations as well as Technical Education under one roof, under which future HAUS personnel will be raised, is not a dream for us. If we really want it, it will be ours. The size of the goals will not discourage us, but will speed up and reveal the awareness that we need to work harder.

The motto BECAUSE WE CARE is a ringing in our ears, a focus point in our eyes. Now is the time to study, now is the education time.

I greet you all with love and respect.


Technical Education Manager


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