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Being A Woman Employee In HAUS

Woman; creative, cute, tolerant, motherly, holy, enthroned, sultan of hearts …. What about in business life? How can we define it in business life in the world dominated by masculine energy other than fertility? Ambitious, sceptical, cautious, sometimes full of anxieties, sometimes fearless enough to surprise men?
It is easy to stereotype people, and it may seem safe to restrict them by adding some labels. But what if we gave people a chance, took the courage to remove them from their labels and leave them in the free space, make them show their true colours?

İnsanları kalıplara sığdırmak kolay, bazı etiketler ekleyerek sınırlandırmak güvenli gelebilir. Peki ya insanlara şans verirsek, onların etiketlerinden çıkarıp özgür alana bırakma cesaretini gösterirsek, gerçek renklerini göstermelerini sağlasak, bu nasıl olurdu?

İş hayatında 6 yıldır varım, dilerim daha niceleri olur. İlk iş yerim olan HAUS benim için çok değerli, sebebi kadın / erkek önyargısı olmamasıdır. İlk günden beri pek çok görevde bulundum, hepsinden de bir şeyler öğrendim. Şimdi bu yazıda siz okuyanlara yeni bir perspektif göstermek, HAUS da kadın çalışan olmayı anlatmak istiyorum.

I've been in business life for 6 years, and I wish there would be more. My first workplace, HAUS, is very valuable to me. The reason for that is there is no female / male prejudice. I have been in many positions since the first day, and I learned from all of them. Now I want to show you a new perspective and tell you about being a woman employee at HAUS. In the business world where the masculine power prevails, being in the feminine energy can be found difficult for the beginning. I believe that true synergy will emerge when everyone lives their essence and creates their own energy. In this way, for societies, for institutions, the sum of two and two would be greater than four. At this point, working at HAUS makes me feel as a woman that I have increased the total over four. Because; when we have difficulty here, we receive sincere support, our thoughts are valued, we take part in critical tasks, and are sent to trainings to improve ourselves in business life. As a woman, you are respected when you produce, you are greeted with a smiling face. You exchange your ideas with sincerity to make the work better, of course there may be minor disagreements, but these are temporary, because you know it's your family. And the family cares, and it is powerful.

Last year, on March 8, Women's Day, a very nice dinner organization was held for all women employees of HAUS, and the flowers given as a gift after the dessert put a smile on our faces. This year we had a breakfast organization. When we returned to work after breakfast, we opened the surprise gift packages at our tables with joy and curiosity. Some of those gifts took place as a souvenir on our tables, and some of them decorated our houses since that day. What was so beautiful when we returned to the office was having self-confident, enlightened male colleagues who were proud of their colleagues, respected the seed they planted and celebrated their Labourer Women’s Day. The e-mail sent to us by our General Manager, Mr. Hakkı, for the celebration of Labourer Women's Day was highly motivating and honourable. Of course, it is important where you start a journey, but how you shape it and how you support your companions on your way to your destination determines the permanence, stability and the future of that journey. I am extremely happy and proud to work with such colleagues. It is truly inspiring to work, learn, develop and create tomorrow together respecting each other’s existence, without gender discrimination. I would like to congratulate all my female colleagues on March 8, Labourer Women's Day once more, who add their labour, faith and support to this formation and who create value with their energy. I would also like to thank all my male colleagues who have been with us in all these processes and who work for a better tomorrow.

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