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One of Us : Hidayet DEMİREL


My name is Hidayet Demirel. I was born on April 15, 1982. After I completed my high school education in Çine Technical and Industrial Vocational High School in 1999, my business life started in Hakkı Usta company in the same year thanks to a teacher of mine in the school. In the early years, I successfully worked in machining on Vertical machining, borwerk, 2-axis turning lathes. Even if I had a break in 2002 due to my military service, I returned back to my job in Hakkı Usta in 2003 as soon as I got my certificate of discharge. Since I loved my job and showed development, I worked as the department chief in the machining section from 2004 to 2013.

I got married in 2008. I had children in 2010 and 2014 respectively. I spend my time out of work with my dear wife and children. I love going to our village, my homeland with my family at weekends and spending time with animals and being in the nature. Besides, I also love playing backgammon and catching fish in the year.

When I look back to HAUS including the first years I started to work, we used to go to work in a single route with 25-people small minibuses, now we commute with 8-9 buses with the capacity of 40-45 people. We used to produce 30-40 decanters in a year, now we produce more than 300 decanters and export to over forty countries. We used to have 4 CNCs in the first years I entered to the production, now we have 40 CNC machinery and work for 24 hours in 3 shifts as machining department to meet the demands.

Moreover, I have many moments that I have never forgotten within my 21 years in HAUS. The first one coming to my mind; one day 15 years ago, there was a two-millimeter hole in the drum. We worked overtime with Hakkı Gözlüklü, our general manager now for 24 hours to repair it.

With my warmest regards to the whole HAUS family...


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HAUS provides products and service to various applications at olive oil, food, environment, energy and industry sectors.
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