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One of Us : Olgun UĞURDOĞAN


I was born in İstanbul. After I completed my primary, secondary and high school in Bostancı where I was born and grew up, I decided to continue my university life in İstanbul since I thought I could not go away from my family and friends. I started to study in English Environmental Engineering of İstanbul Fatih University in 2007.

I received English language education in my first year in the university, then I completed my academic education within the following 4-year period. After I completed my university education, I decided to dream about new things and pursue my dreams. Until five years ago, I was a person who could not even think of being away from his family and friends and directed his educational life in this line, then I turned into a different person who wanted to see the other parts of the world and start his business life in the abroad no matter what happens. After assessing all choices, I accepted a job offer from Brazil and went there, which was one of the milestones of my life. I lived in Brazil for 1 year. I learned Portuguese. The decision of going to Brazil was one of the most important milestones of my life, because me and my wife Camila decided to marry within this 1-year period I spent in Brazil. We married in Turkey in 2014.

I started to work in HAUS İstanbul office as sales manager in June 2014. This was a quite new sector and experience for me. I worked as sales manager in Environmental Practices Department for 1,5 years at first. Then, I worked in Industrial Practices Department for 1,5 years. In this time, I had the opportunity to improve myself in many aspects and fields of application with the support of my managers and colleagues. After a while, HAUS became a company in which I could realize my dreams rather than a simple job. Visits to customers and travels became an inseparable part of my life. I had the opportunity to be in tens of countries in South America, North Africa, Middle East, Europe and Southeastern Asia. I met people from various cultures in these countries and experienced how each culture is different from each other and how much this situation affect trade activities personally. I visited factories and saw production processes in many fields that I had never even heard about before.

It was 3 years that I came back from Brazil, started to work in HAUS and got married, I was appointed in our Southeastern Asia regional office in Malaysia. Me and my wife decided to move to Malaysia within one month. I started my new duty in Malaysia office in September 2017. New duty, new country, new adventure. This change was also fortunate for us and we had a son in 2018.

During the first years I came to Malaysia, we were demoralized at first since all our customers we contacted in Southeastern Asia Region mentioned about our competitors and we saw our competitors already opened the doors that we were trying to knock at. However, we have never given up of telling each customer we interviewed and door we knocked at about HAUS and our brand with the same eagerness starting from the zero as a team that knows the transformation of HAUS from the first date of its establishment till today and its development in the recent years. In this process, we found new dealers in new countries. We reached new customers with these dealers. We told each customer we visited about our brand and HAUS again. We are still at the bottom of the ladder for Southeast Asia Region. When I look back to the last 5 years, it is extremely proud to see our company and trademark are known and trusted in many countries in Southeast Asia Region and witness that we have entered the period when our customers find and reach us for their needs.

Today, as HAUS SEA, we have turned into an organization in which we sell to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Philippines actively and we provide maintenance services for our products directly over HAUS SEA office. Our biggest long-view aim is to enhance our familiarity and reliability in the countries I have mentioned and add countries in our portfolio, such as Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia.

As one of yours, I would like to state that my biggest motivation source is to know how big HAUS brand has goals at global scale and be a part of this team. I wish to achieve many other successes all together under the roof of HAUS with my managers and colleagues whom I enjoyed working with so much.

I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my dear wife Camila who has provided full support in this beautiful journey and my valuable managers and colleagues.


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