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CUSTOMER STORIES : Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone - KOSBİ

Place : Kemalpaşa, İzmir - TURKEY

Application : Environmental Applications

Operating Machines : ELP 062 

Interviewee : Hüseyin Evcil (Environmental  Branch Manager ) 

Interviewer : Evren EKŞİ

E.E. : Could you please introduce yourself and KOSBİ?

H.E. : I am Hüseyin Evcil. I’m the Environmental Branch Manager of İzmir Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone. I have been working in my institution for about 15 years. We had various experiences. In 2010, central wastewater treatment plant belonging to Kemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone was established. In the first stage, a plant with a capacity of 10 thousand cubic meters / day was commissioned. Then, in 2016 the second stage of 10 thousand cubic meters / day was commissioned. Now the plant has the total capacity of 20 thousand cubic meters / day. It is currently active.

E.E. : How didi you meet with HAUS?

H.E. : In 2010 for the first stage, the products were purchased in accordance with the tender specifications with the contractor. In 2016 for the second stage, we were in search of domestic and national resources and keep energy efficiency at the forefront. In this quest, we met with HAUS. HAUS has come to the forefront in terms of both energy efficiency and product-based quality, spare parts, and service. After our detailed search, we chose HAUS for the project in 2016. Since then, we have been working together smoothly.

E.E. : Where and for what purpose is HAUS used in your company?

H.E. : With our purchase in 2018, we have two magneting bearing turbo blowers which are currently in operation in biological waste water treatment process. In 2016, we purchased a magnetic bearing blower originating from a different source. When HAUS entered the sector with magnetic bearing turbo blower in 2017, we decided to replace the roots type blowers in our first stage facility with magnetic bearing blower. Of course, magnetic bearing turbo blowers are much more efficient than roots type blowers. However, In 2016, we met more efficient HAUS magnetic bearing turbo blowers than the magnetic bearing blowers we bought from abroad. That is why we chose HAUS. Because when we compare them with each other with two tanks at equal wastewater flow rates under equal conditions, HAUS is more efficient. In this sense, we have all the data about energy efficiency of existing roots type blower, other brand turbo blower and HAUS turbo blowers. Their comparison is observing month by month.

E.E. : Why HAUS?

H.E. : Because HAUS is a high-quality producer. When we compare HAUS with other brands, it is seen that more competitive operating cost is possible. We experienced that in terms of service, or for any questions we could reach HAUS and got an answer in 24 hours, even in midnight. That’s why we decided to go on with HAUS. This is the main reason for our relationship with HAUS: honesty and quick response.


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