Laid in Bolvadin district of Afyonkarahisar city in 1976 to assess traditional poppy product and meet the needs for legal alkaloid, TMO General Directorate Afyon Alkaloids Factory is the biggest factory of the world in its field with the capacity to process 20 thousand tonnes/year of unscratched poppy capsules. In this sense, this will be a great reference to us in industry and medicine sector. Within the scope of the project to which we are also a solution partner to raise the process efficiency and quality of morphine as the end product, it was requested to ensure separation of emulsion phase arising at different percentages due to product and process variabilities from the product and also absorb process variabilities apart from the current system. Many field visits were conducted to review fluctuates and changes in the current system. We succeeded the separation in the performance tests of the heart of the project, our HAUS IBA 6822-P40 centrifuge separator that was performed in the field as far above the project targets thanks to our R&D activities. In addition, many parameters like flow rate, temperature, pressure, level, etc. were successfully commissioned to be controlled over the scada in order to ensure centrifuge separator can operate in stable performance.

One thing that makes our project special is that we could successfully design, test and certify a centrifuge separator suitable for operating in the category of ATEX ZONE 1. Realizing such a big project in a short span of time, 135 days is the result of a team that is young, dynamic and passionate at generating idea and realizing it. On this occasion, I congratulate all my teammates who contributed to the project.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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