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HAUS DDV 6642 for Olive Oil Applications

HAUS is expanding its product range and improving and developing its products in every year thanks to the operations performed with its R&D center to meet and go beyond expectations of the sector and different markets. The new olive oil decanter model DDV 6642, produced for the olive oil sector was introduced at 2019 Expoliva Fair, then released. We talked about the process, new product and market with Gökhan ÜĞÜDÜCÜ, the Product and Process Manager:

What is the Reason for Release of the New Product? 

G.Ü: As HAUS, we have had a product range operating at capacities from 300-400 kg/hour to 6-8 tons/hour for production facilities of olive oil and olive pomace oil so far. Considering the global olive oil market, Spain can meet almost half of the production alone while the 3 million tons of olive oil is produced approximately in the global market. Analyzing established capacities of factories that make the production, we see it consists of factories with more than one high-capacity (8-12 ton olives/ hour) production line. DDV 6642 decanter is developed to meet needs of the Spanish Market, which is among the target markets of olive oil applications of HAUS. Designed precisely by the engineers of HAUS R&D center, this decanter has been subject to field trials in Turkey after all wet and dry factory tests have been completed. Then, the decanter received successful results beyond the expectations in terms of olive oil remaining in olive pomace, capacity and decanter input-output olive oil temperature difference and it has been launched at Spain Expoliva fair in May 2019.

How is DDV 6642 Distinguished from the Other Ones?

• High G force 

• High Separation Efficiency 

• High Material Quality 

• Low Oil Temperature

G.Ü.: With DDV 6642 decanter as developed in HAUS R&D center, we have made a jump-start to a market that we do not have in our product portfolio, but in which high-quality and continued production is performed without batch processing and machine capacity has gained more importance, such as Spain. With expanded separation area and high G Force, oil output is aimed at the maximum efficiency and approved with test applications. The most optimum parameters have been preferred among various designs for maximum efficiency during developing operations and final design has been obtained. By selecting materials that are suitable for food in the design, oil output at the highest quality that complies with food norms is provided. With design improvements for temperature, which is one of the factors affecting the oil quality, the difference between input to and output from the decanter is minimized.

Can You Tell Us About Your Preparation Process? How Could You Reach Success?

G.Ü.: During the design period of the product, market researches were performed and all required product features were presented, competitor analyses were made and relationships established especially in the market and customer expectations were directly obtained. Then the product gained its last from after special interviews with our reference customer. Upon completion of factory tests of the prototype machine, tests were started in Spain with the real product and optimum operating parameters were set forth with our customer through common practices. Capacity and efficiency values aimed in preliminary works of machine design were easily reached and satisfaction was established with a product that can meet all expectations of our customer. We have added a successful machine that will contribute to the national economy and increase export rates of our company to our product portfolio. As an innovative company that pursues sustainable growth and development, we progress rapidly in the global competition with new markets and where necessary, with products special to these markets and go forward with a great determination in line with our goals. One of the most important matters in product design is understanding our customers and designing products to meet their needs, as well as fulfilling technical requirements of the process. Products that can understand and completely respond to these needs are created when our belief in our goals and our field experience are combined with each other. With our product development processes going back many years especially in the olive oil sector, we are moving on by achieving more and more each day.

Can You Give Information about our First Reference?

G.Ü.: As consumers, we want to stay in our comfort zone and a product-service that we think to buy to be bought, tried, approved before us and be available for the new purchases. As HAUS, we are aware that we serve global market in the preference of reference customer and our first reference customer in olive oil applications of our DDV 6642 model HAUS decanter was from Spain. Spanish Olive Oil Factory known in Spain and Europe nationally in high-quality olive oil production had used a decanter produced by a German decanter producer company; then it has had the opportunity to triple its production capacity thanks to HAUS DDV 6642 decanter. The reason why our customer preferred HAUS DDV 6642 decanter is olive oil temperature difference in decanter input-output is low, olive rates remaining in oil pomace can meet the demands of Spanish Market and it can meet these conditions at committed capacities. Prioritizing reference, HAUS has made the right reference choice and DDV 6642 decanter has drawn attention of producers in Spain, Greece, the USA, Argentina and Italy and potential project demands are assessed.


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