HAUS SEA office was established in Malaysia, 2015 to support HAUS dealerships in the Southeast Asia region on technical and commercial issues in line with the needs in the region upon sales of decanters and separators to the region since 2012. Since Malaysia has a central position in the Southeast Asia region, it is so easy to access to other Southeast Asia countries from Malaysia and operational costs in Malaysia are more effective than other countries in the region, it was decided to establish HAUS SEA office in Malaysia.

HAUS SEA started to operate as a regional office at first, then it has been converted to a local company, which has its own service/maintenance center and personnel and can meet all needs of its customers in the region, in 2019 with the increase of machinery units and recognition in the Southeast Asia Region.

Within the 5 years from establishment of HAUS SEA office, today HAUS has more than 70 machinery operating actively in various fields of application in countries of the Southeast Asia region. This machinery is provided with technical service/maintenance services over HAUS SEA office. Considering that customer satisfaction is the most important reference for after-sale services, HAUS team responses to requests from customers with a-hundred-percent customer satisfaction principle.

HAUS is expanding its current customer portfolio by widening its dealership network in the region day by day. Within the last three-year period, various decanters and separators have been supplied for many different industrial fields of application, including palm oil in particular, virgin coconut oil process, tropical fruit juice process, tapioca starch process, beer process, etc. Process-based R&D activities are conducted in the fields of application that especially belong to tropical climate and purchase machinery for the first time with the participation of R&D team during commissioning processes and process knowledge of HAUS in different fields of use is broadening day by day.

Following sectoral developments in the region closely, HAUS aims to be a leading centrifuge supplier in the Southeast Asia region in the long view.

Olgun UĞURDOĞAN / HAUS SEA Regional Manager


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