The term of KAIZEN, which is the core element of Japanese production culture is derived from the combination of two Japanese words as Kai (Good) and Zen (Change). We can define Kaizen as a change for the better, namely a Constant Improving adventure. Constant improving activities have been applied in HAUS company since its establishment. Personnel, team leaders and managers that know parts, machinery, system and production techniques have detected improving elements at various points in every period and contributed to HAUS in gaining its present global identity by conducting necessary improving works related to such elements. Kaizen teams have been created for improving projects since 2018 and works performed have been followed and filed regularly. On February 21-22, 2020, 2 Kaizen projects of HAUS company in the categories of OHS and Production were exhibited in the 6th Kaizen Sharings Event which was organized by İzmir Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and where 40 companies participated and 90 projects were exhibited in. The project in the kaizen of OHS category named PUTTY SANDPAPER PROCESS DEVELOPMENT aims to reduce the amount of putty powder spreading the environment during putty sandpapering that is one of the steps in painting process and to increase OHS conditions and labor efficiency. With the investment in a system that absorbs putty powder from putty head, annual purchase price of putty has increased at 33%, expected life of unit sandpaper has been extended at 15% on average and consumption of dust mask has reduced at 10%. Absorption systems that have been successful after practice implementation have been generalized in the whole putty sandpaper line.

The project in the kaizen exhibited in production category named RAPID AND DEEP PERFORATION (ASSEMBLY ACCELERATION) aims to improve long processing times of plain drum that is one of the main product groups of decanter and reduce the cost of cutting tools. Perforation process is performed on 3-meter and 24-inch mirror 2-axis turret lathe with HSS drill inside without quenching. It is a 2-operation process and lasts 10 hours. During the process, 5 drills wear off on average. We interviewed with related suppliers and trial productions were started with alternative processing method. When the process was performed with Gundrill Ø8,5 drill, unit processing time improved at 83% and annual cost of cutting tools reduced at 15%. Project results have been generalized in related plain drum groups. Teams conduct constant improvement projects on various matters for solution of problems and bottleneck points and effective use of existing sources. HAUS continues its journey for constant improvement and development with successful outputs of projects that aim to increase efficiency in Production increase, Quality enhancement, Occupational health and safety, Ergonomics, Material and Labor.

Selnur KARAKOÇ / Methods Executive


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