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One of Us : Remziye Alpli

I was born in Kırcali (Bulgaria) in 1985. At the 1989 emigration we moved to İstanbul with my family. At present, some of my family members are still living in Bulgaria.

I enjoy travelling, reading books, spending time with my family and my friends. I have been doing pilates and fitness regularly for 6 years. I am interested in healthy eating and recipe. I try to do these recipes as far as I can.

I completed my educational life in İstanbul until my university education. I studied at Eczacıbaşı Primary School, Bostancı Secondary School and Burak Bora Anatolian High School respectively. In 2008, I graduated from the department of Environmental Engineering of Kocaeli University. I stayed in Sweden for 3 months after graduation and later in 2009 I started my master’s degree in Yıldız Technical University at the department of Hydraulics and graduated in 2011. In my university years, I worked part-time at advertising and fair organizations. In those years, I gained my first sales experience by again working part-time to support the sales team of a very big property project. During my postgraduate period, I took charge as a student assistant for a while. After graduation, I worked at the quality department of a packaging company and as a proposal and sales engineer at a treatment company.

I became part of HAUS family in 2014. My first meeting was in fact when I requested a proposal for a project of my former company. When I decided to become an İSG expert and started to seek a position, I came across job postings of HAUS seeking a sales engineer and a sales support engineer on a job seeking platform. I did not hesitate to apply for that position thinking what working in such a corporate and wellestablished company with foreign offices could add to me. In a short time, I received a positive reply and joined the family. After starting as a sales support engineer, I worked as a sales engineer for a while. Meanwhile I am continuing as a sales executive at environmental and energy applications.

Our extremely dynamic and continuously developing company has signed its name on many successful projects and increased the number of its foreign offices and its share in the market through the years. As of this year, it has become an international company with more than 400 employees and a R&D Centre. While it is improving, it enables us to improve ourselves continuously in the same way. We have learned to push our limits and that we could do better with the faith they have in us and the responsibilities we take on. We have overcome difficulties with our experienced team and we saw that endless power arises when we unite. I do believe that we will take our success further by working hard, determination and the belief to do better.

As a part of this family for nearly 5 years, I personally would like to thank all HAUS family who supported us during this period and those who made a great contribution.

With my respects,


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