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One of Us : Mustafa Altuğ Kalkan

I was born in İzmir in 1982. I had my education in Çine until my university life. I graduated from Mechanical Engineering department of Dokuz Eylül University in 2004. In addition to this technical branch of mechanical engineering, I wanted to do a master’s degree in business administration to understand functioning and process of a company. My wish came true at Dokuz Eylül University Business Administration department, which gave its education in English. Behind all my success through all my educational life lie my family’s support and trust. After my graduate and postgraduate education, I started to seek a job like every newly-graduate does. My first choice was Bursa region. I have always been into automotive sector. As a result, I first worked in a company which manufactured seats for automobiles, then in another one which manufactured exhausts for automobiles as a method engineer and a project leader, and both of those companies were affiliated with the same holding. Through the years 2008-2010, for 2 years, I gained invaluable work experience. The crisis period in automotive sector caused me to seek a position in other sectors. I gave the highest priority to my hometown, Aydın. Hakkı Usta was a company which I had heard and knew that manufactured machines. I was employed the day I applied for the position. That surprised me at first, but then it did not take me too long to understand Hakkı Usta is a kind of company which is determined and ambitious to overstep its bounds. When I started working, it was as easy as pie to feel the dynamism of everyone working there. I kept step with this dynamism in a very short time.

At the beginning of 2010, I prepared user’s manuals of products both in Turkish and in English, creating product trees and routes and providing preparation of technical documents in the very beginning when I started working for Hakkı Usta. This duty of mine at R&D department enabled me to get to know products very well at their every detail. After about 1 year at R&D department, I worked as a person in charge of planning at planning department. This duty enabled me to adopt planning, production, stock pile and purchase process better in the company. After a short time, instead of my planning responsibility, I took charge in managing ERP project. I was included in purchase, planning, production, R&D, method, HR, commercial affairs, marketing, sale, accounting processes and integrated these processes with ERP. And later, because ERP system was put into service and there were lots of expectations from the system, I left my 1,5- year responsibility of planning responsibility and became the person in charge of ERP department. During this duty of mine, I ensured that systemic developments and improvements were made, related reports were obtained from ERP system. I created different reports for each department. As of 2015, as ERP integration was completed, I left my position here and started working as the Budget and Reporting Expert. Still working at this position, I am primarily performing sales and administration as well as reporting studies together with annual budget studies and cost studies of products and spare parts. All those duties I perform contributes a lot to me. It was, of course, impossible to gain all the experience by myself. I am trying to contribute to the progress of HAUS through the knowledge I have now thanks to the values added to me by primarily our general director Dear Mr. Hakkı Gözlüklü and my directors and workmates whom I have a chance to work with. I have great pleasure in being a part of the big change of institutionalization from Hakkı Usta to HAUS Incorporated Company.

I could fit a wonderful marriage and a pretty daughter in 8,5 years of my time at HAUS Incorporated Company apart from my duties and responsibilities that I have been mentioning. I have a happy marriage with my dear wife Hasibe Kalkan and my 20-month old daughter Ela Nas. I do believe that I will witness the growth of both my daughter and our company through the following years I will have at HAUS.


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