Place : Yatağan, Muğla

Application : Olive Oil Applications

Operating Machines :


Interviewee : Atilla TOTOŞ

Interviewer : Feriha KÖSEOĞLU

Can you introduce yourself and your firm briefly?

My name is Atilla Totoş, my main profession is pharmacy, but I have been working on olive oil production since 2006. We launched our operations in order to produce olive oil. However, everyone looks at the life through their own perspectives. As a pharmacist, I thought it was different and we are the first business facility producing based on polyphenols, aims for polyphenols and can understand that what is called as flavor components are actually polyphenols or minue components and they can support the for health purposes, and introduce this aspect to the olive oil community for the first time in Turkey. The main aim of our production is not olive oil but polyphenols and we are the first and leading in the production of oils with high polyphenols in Turkey. I am engaged in association on the other hand. I also continue to serve as the Secretary General and the Board Member for Education at Zeytin Dostu Association. At the same time, I am the founder and president of Boutique Olive Oil Production Association.

How did you meet with HAUS?

HAUS is a Turkish company which we have seen since we took a step in the sector and which is trying to have a position to compete against the world and taking very firms steps towards this goal. Our aim is the same. We are trying to compete with the international firms which are producing high quality oils but you know the machine infrastructure is of vital importance. I have known and pursued HAUS since 2006 when we entered into the sector. We got into contact from time to time, HAUS is one of the firms mostly supporting the Zeytindostu Association. I know HAUS in this aspect as well. Of course, as each person develops, they also improve their business, so as the business develops, you improve. It is a mutual process of development. I see similar behavior in the industry, I think that people working together are like climbers. We are all tied with each other, and we are climbing towards the top thanks to that rope. I really wanted to see such machines manufactured in Turkey since we started our polyphenol-based production. In this year, HAUS performed an R&D study. Our aim is to show the world that machines which can perform high quality polyphenol-based production that Turkey can sell in the international market can be manufactured by Turkey. And we think HAUS is very competent for this mission. The performance of new machines is already sufficient as a machine. Therefore, we are at the position where the mechanic design comes together with oil. We examine the output itself. Because we have serious ideas in this regard.


It is an extraordinary machine. In technical terms, it hardly needs an operator. In other words, if someone spills their olives, they will no longer require any person to be available at the machine after launching the machine. It judges, manages, and perceives itself in such a technical sense and it is fully equipped with sensors. We can measure the heat at any point. I can measure the temperatures of the crusher, the dough coming out of the crusher, malaxator, decanter and oil coming out of the decanter. We had to use a laser gun in our processes but now, I can take its report. I can use decanters in different cycles and we have well-designed board. In this season, we are getting known the machine but in the following season, we will be able to operate the same oil process in different heat and decanter speeds. This will mean different things to us, different things will emerge in terms of polyphenols.

What are the advantages you seized with HAUS?

First of all, while the olives are entering into the inner part, that is, in the washing and sorting section, air drying is performed and the amount of water coming from the inner part is reduced in the machine. Polyphenols are water-based. You cannot use another kind of water here because the polyphenol level within the oil will be high. And the water will not remove any polyphenol. Considering these points, a air-blowing device is placed at the end of a washing unit, which reduces the amount of water entering. The amount of water entering the crusher decreases, in this way, you can get rid of the washing water that affects the polyphenol number. Secondly, we realized that the designed breaker is less heated than the other breakers - disc and hammer breakers - based on the measurements. Heat causes changes in the polyphenol structure, even if it is instant heat. For example, there is a molecule which is very difficult to obtain called as Oleocanthal. Oleocanthal is a drug used for Alzheimer. Oleocanthal has been studied for the treatment of Alzheimer’s for 7-8 years in the USA. The higher heat you use in this process, the lower your chance gets to obtain Oleocanthal. Since if you process it with water, your chances of getting Oleocanthal will decrease. A very good machine has been designed in the field of dewatering since its crusher is cold and completely closes the air inlet of the malaxers. It never gets in contact with air until it leaves the decanter. We take it to the reservaoirs where it will be stored in controlled manner when it leaves the decanter, and we ensure it to get to the thank in the number of polyphenol coming out of the decanter. The machine serves to our purpose of production and it does not require operator to get involved in any stage of the process apart from starting the machine. It is comfortable and sufficient in terms of the number of polyphenols.

What do polyphenols do?

If you asked what the cure for immortality, I would say polyphenols.

What do you want to say about quality olive oil and production?

In fact, quality olive oil is not only a high polyphenol olive oil. Those who participated in the training provided by Zeytindostu Dernegi knows very well that quality olive oil is the olive oil which is purified from its faults and has less than 0.5 acidic value. Of course, we are talking about polyphenols, but we also need quality oils. Why? Quality oils, low acid oils are used in the synthesis of flexible and durable cell walls during cell synthesis. They are used for other purposes but usage area is very important. In this way, disease-resistant tissues and cells can emerge. So, when we say quality olive oil, we mean an oil containing fruity, bitterness flavors. It should be purified from faults. The machine is successful in this respect as well. It has a successful fast-cleaning system, so you can simply remove the scroll which enables the turning within the malaxator. When you open the door, you can see the whole crusher. You can wash quickly with a car wash gun. It takes nearly 45 min. - 1 hour to wash the entire line completely for a person, which is very good. We have a machine in 100 tons of weight. It used to take 5-6 hours to wash that machine completely for 4-5 people; however, this machine is designed suitable for mounting and demounting. It takes 10-15 seconds to open the decanter. In other words, the design is very comfortable and time-saving. That’s how the machine bring chance to produce quality olive oil. Well, why is it so important? We exhibited a model in TUAY from past to present. What is that? It is very difficult to produce the perfect olive oil in a machine in 100 tons of weight. It is not impossible but you should really try hard for it. When it comes to these boutique, small machines, it is more possible to repair any negative outcome in the olive or dispose the dishes in the parts of the machine that cannot be seen by hand within a day or two. So, we get rid of anything that gets to the oil, makes the oil tired and contaminated because of the contamination in the machine. That’s another advantage of the machine.

What is the Phenol value? What is it for? How high phenol value is achieved?

When you look at it from someone in the food industry, strong aromatic olive oil means a boutique olive oil you can sell. Because the structure or minor components we call polyphenols, components which does not contain fat molecules are also known as flavor components. It can be seen from the perspective of an agriculturalist or from food industry. On the other hand, when you see from the perspective of pharmacist or from the medicine field, it refers to the molecular substances which can be supportive in different diseases and can be used for health purposes. In this regard, the number of polyphenols are of great importance as well as the distribution of the polyphenols. In other words, it is not enough for a molecule to be at the top, nor is it correct. Because until today, 1064 different molecules have been separated from olives without oil. They work in synergy together in olives and olive oil. They support each other, but since one of them is not very high in number, they do not reach a concentration in a way to adversely affect human health. That is why the World Health Organization chose the safest food of the world for 3rd time in a row. Today, the olive oil in the world, olive oils in the style we produce are used for health purposes.In fact, olives vary from season to season in terms of polyphenolic structure. which should not be perceived negatively. Why? Because Because different polyphenolic structures do not present a defect. We know that different polyphenols support us in different diseases, which is a common information in pharmacology. It can be considered as a richness, so the seasons fly away. And we continue to produce the same quality olive oil. We purchased this machine which should have a logic within. So, we should consider the operational logic apart from the machine itself. I know that you are preparing a training program to inform people why they should prefer this machine for their operations or how they should use the machine. That is not a matter of I manufacture it, you use it. Or, it’s not about we installed it, you touch some buttons and operate it. This machine can ensure firms to manage their branding processes in the international scope and be awarded in international competitions. I know that you are preparing to inform the people about the operational logic of the machine as well. Those who participate in these trainings will easily compete with others like those who are famous for their oils thanks to this machine. Because it is coming to the forefront as a product thought completely. I travel Turkey. And what people say that: “We have never left in the lurch during the season”. which we are really proud of. The most distinctive feature of the firms in Turkey is that they provide really fast service. And HAUS is the leading firm in this regard. Additionally, HAUS manufactured a machine by which we can compete in the global arena easily. As Tuay use the machine, it will be awarded in Japan, New York, London and Italy. The only thing they should do is to use it correctly. Because it is not about purchasing a machine, but it is about knowing its operational logic and using it correctly.