Place : Akhisar, Manisa - TURKEY

Application : Olive Oil Applications

Operating Machines :

1 pieces of Olive Plus 53

Interviewee : Özkan ERDOST

Interviewer : Feriha KÖSEOĞLU


Can you introduce yourself and your firm briefly?

Özkan ERDOST :

My name is Özkan Erdost, I was born in Akhisar in 1977. We are operating in olive industry for 20 years since 2000 in addition to textile industry which is our father’s profession. We grow our olive trees on our own land. We mature them into the pool system and then sell to businesses. As three siblings, our passion for olives and olive oil is increasing day by day, that is why we started production this year to take a role in olive oil production. We plant olives that we collect on our own lands and olives that our farmer citizens collect from branch on daily basis within 24 hours without losing any time and after our teammates separate them from their seeds and turn into oil.

How did you meet with HAUS?

We started to search for machinery in the industry and when we compare HAUS with other companies, the technology and dynamic structure of HAUS made us to prefer HAUS.

Why HAUS? What are the advantages?

We liked the technology of the HAUS machinery, such as its dynamic fast structure, good use of its own technology, the independent operation of each malaxer unit, separate pumping into the decanter (where the olive paste of our citizens does not mix with each other). We thought it was a suitable machinery for us with its color, appearance, and energy. We are carrying out seasonal production and working for 24 hours. So, we preferred HAUS to avoid any problems.

The machine is very user friendly, I am working as a textile manufacturer for thirty-five years, we even tried to have a detailed information about it. Our operator who has been working with us for fourteen years, grasped the details of new machine within an hour. It is very easy to use and both we and our operator is very satisfied about the machinery. We are carrying out our business for 24 hours in a day without any problem.

What do you want to say about quality olive oil and production?

We have seen your firm during our visit. You are using a case system and you serve almost without human touch. Can you inform us about these points? Of course, our farmers usually collect their olives in sacks in the field. They collect them on daily basis, and we put them into boxes directly so that the acidity ratio of the olive does not increase, and olives can be ventilated. And we turn olive into olive oil within 24 hours through this box system when it is squeezing time. We do not have equivalents around us in this geography, which is an advantage for us and our farmer citizens because they gather the crop in their fields, and they deliver it to us quickly. They do not have to go to other long miles away. which are advantages for both us and the farmers. The product is turned into oil swiftly. Our first rule inside and outside of the plant is hygiene while our second rule is to turn quality olives into oil. That is why we can be preferred.

Do you have anything to add about the season and sector?

Olive oil has not been fully known yet. Despite its thousands of years of history, it is still unknown in many geographies. It has many benefits and beneficial for many diseases. Akhisar is in the leader position in the production of olives and olive oil in Turkey. It is a geographically suitable region for olive and olive oil. It is a leading province with its quality and excellence that it brings to olive with the appropriate weather conditions. As a sector, we are not very well known in Turkey. I hope Turkey and the whole world gets to know us swiftly in addition to our colleagues


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