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One of Us : Emrah KAYA

Hello, I was born in Ağrı in 1987. I am the middle child of my parents who are public servants. My father was appointed to Bergama when I was 4, so I spent the majority and beautiful part of my childhood in Bergama. After I completed my primary and secondary school education in Bergama, we decided to settle in İzmir after my father retired.

I always enjoyed spending time with my family and friends, playing dart and swimming in every period of my life. I love seeing different place and experiencing new tastes with my beloved ones. Besides these, I am closely interested in aquarium hobby. Life in the water both refreshes me and makes me spend a good time. After my high school life in İzmir, I had to say goodbye to İzmir that I love so much because of my University education.

After I graduate from Food Engineering Department of Mustafa Kemal University and Business Administration Department of Anadolu University, I completed my military service and started to work as a Food Engineer in a company producing dairy products in Eskişehir. I think managers are seriously important in shaping individuals’ professional career especially during the first years of business life and I feel lucky at this point. We had the opportunity to complete various projects in the new factory successfully by lingering over without giving up. I was making websites both as a hobby and a source of income as of my educational life. In that time, I realized successful projects that hundreds of people log in. One of these websites was the one on which technical and sector-related news about food industry are published. Thanks to this website, I met HAUS. After spending the first 3 years of my business life in Eskişehir, I started to work in HAUS as sales engineer at the end of 2012. My responsibility that has started in HAUS with the milk sector at first continued including food and industry applications.

I enjoyed doing my job and I am passionate at that job and I think this is one of the main reasons why I can be successful in my social and business life. When I look at the period I have been in HAUS, I think we have developed fast as both personal and corporate. Living in this dynamism has always made me feel better. Years I have spent in HAUS have passed fast and enjoyably while being busy in planning weeks and months. I am sure we will accomplish great things with this acceleration.

I would like to extend my thanks to my friends, family and my wife who always provide full support in my life.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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"Before the machines are unloaded from the vehicle or the container, the general control must be made, and the machines condition must be recorded with photographs or video if possible. The date, time and location of the damage should be noted. As soon as the damage is detected, a report must be signed by the driver of the vehicle, the number of damaged containers must be indicated on the CMR convention and the signature of the carrier must be taken. CMR insurance will then be activated. In case of shipment damages, the damage report prepared with the logistics company should be directed to HAUS, meanwhile, the relevant insurance expert should be informed immediately and act according to the expert's instructions. It should not be forgotten that you may have to pay material damages due to transactions that are not done correctly on time. For more detailed information, you can request assistance from the relevant HAUS Sales department or After Sales Services department."
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