Location : Samandağı, Hatay - Turkey

Application : Olive Oil Extraction 

Operating Machines :  

1 piece of OLIVE PLUS 52

1 piece of OLIVE PLUS 55

Interviewee : Aydın Dağ (Owner)

Interviewer : Feriha BAHAR

Can you give us some information about your company?

My company began to operate in 2017 as AYDIN DAĞ OLIVE OIL PLANT. In Hatay province, Samandağ district, Yeşilköy area on a 14000 m2 land in a 700 m2 indoor area, we are trying to provide service with a new perception and breath in the sector. It is a family company. In the beginning, although we started only by squeezing olives in the 2018 season, we have main aims like second squeeze, packaging and exporting so being beneficial to our country and our people. We feel pleased to be in the developing sector of olive and its products.

How did you meet HAUS?

When we decided to establish Aydın Dağ Olive Oil Plant with my siblings, it was our main principle to use the best machines and equipment. Taking this into consideration, we first searched for foreign brand machines and equipment. What we observed during the process was that domestic machines were as good as foreign machines. We also learned that domestic companies exported to the leading countries in the sector. All these things convinced us to use domestic machines and equipment. Also, we were told that they were quick and very good at service and supplying spare parts and they were solution oriented. This is how we met HAUS. As our first machine, we started with 100-tonne Olive Plus 55, then we made our agreement for 60-ton model Olive plus 52. With a high demand and interest, in 2018, we changed the plant from Olive plus 52 into Olive Plus 55.

What do you think about HAUS?

With regards to catching up with the season, the delivery of the equipment on time was crucial. Because the first machine had been ordered two months before the season and the second machine only one month before the season. We had been told that the second one could have been delivered late. We were relieved when both machines were delivered before the season started. Authorized service and HAUS technical director continuously supported us for the project and the application. Thus, we could solve everything without any difficulties and our plant was ready to start. (Here, I would like to thank the Sales Engineer Halil Çıbık, who followed our project from the starting point to the last point; the Olive Oil Applications Sales Manager Mr Erdinç who never left us without attention; the Managing Director of HAUS, Mr Hakkı, authorized service Mehmet Şenses and all the members of HAUS family whose names cannot be mentioned here one by one but who supported us all the time.) Because the season lasts too short and the plant needs to operate 24 hours, a necessity arises to quickly solve the problems which may occur in the machines and the equipment. HAUS was always with me at this point. I especially thank HAUS family for this. The pledged capacity, the height of oil rate and the lowness of sediment quantity and its quality of HAUS machines made me and my customers overpleased. My siblings and I consider this sector to be long-lasting with a bright future and are making good plans with the dear HAUS family for the future.


As the whole (not only the machines and the equipment) what we are doing and particularly trying to point out is that it is a fortunate that we have chosen HAUS brand. Thank you all. With my respects…


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