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HAUS Centrifuge Technologies regards "people" as its most important resource on the path to success and in realization of the company's strategies since the day it was founded. Therefore, Haus human resources policy aims to provide a fair, transparent and participative environment where the employees can realize their potentials and where each employee creates value to contribute to the future of Haus knowing that being valued, focused on high performance and development, strong and demonstrating effective leadership attributes and to create a satisfied, productive, successful and healthy workforce that is committed and loyal to the company culture reflecting the unique soul of Haus. In line with this goal, it adopts and develops fair, transparent and integrated applications which are in harmony with the human resources trends in order to attract, develop and retain the most valuable talents. In this respect, it aims to progress towards becoming a highly preferred employer and a highly appreciated workplace. Haus human resources department adopts a management concept which operates by approaching all units as a strategic business partner, analyzes company's and employee's needs continuously, creates value and adapts quickly to the changing conditions.

In the recruitment process we apply at Haus, we aim to occupy the vacant positions with the right candidates in line with the goals and values of Haus. While occupying the vacant positions, we take into consideration the candidates who make application via our website, the applications made for the ads post on kariyer.net and the applicants we contact according to our needs from time to time via kariyer.net and linkedin websites.
Our process evaluates the knowledge experience and qualification criteria required by the position that the candidates apply for. The candidates are subjected to all or some of the evaluations tools such as Qualification Based Interview, General Quantitative and Verbal Aptitude Tests, Personality Inventory and Foreign Language Test according to the requirements of the position, Following all of these evaluation processes, human resources department make a wage offer the candidate who complies with the requirements of the position.
Haus ailesine yeni katılan bireylere ilk iş gününde şirketimize adapte olabilmesi ve HAUS kültürünü sahiplenebilmesi için genel oryantasyon kapsamında şirket profili, tarihçe, vizyon ve değerlerimiz, hedeflerimiz, çalışma düzenimiz hakkında bilgi veriyor ve ardından bölümler hakkında bilgi ve çalışacağı birim ile ilgili mesleki gelişimini içeren bölüm oryantasyonu ve iş/mesleki oryantasyon süreçlerini uyguluyoruz.
New members of Haus family are informed about company profile, history, vision and values, goals, working order within scope of general induction training in order to enable them to adapt to our company and adopt HAUS culture on the first day of employment and then we implement department induction and job/profession induction processes which include information regarding the departments and including the professional development in the unit they will work for.
Performance Management is a management process which aims to establish a transparent communication with our employees in order to define how to contribute to the outcomes of the company together with the employees. Performance process consists of two main stages as "Goal Setting" and "Evaluation". Performance process commences in the beginning of the year with "Goal Setting" as to be achieved by each employee during that year. Another important aspect is to record the "Development Needs" of the employees also in the beginning of the year. Development needs within frame of the qualifications of the employee determined according to the position are supported by being included in the training plan.



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