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HAUS 65th Year About us

HAUS provides decanter centrifuges, disc stack separators, continuous system olive oil plants, screw presses, turbo blowers and auxiliary equipment for food, environmental, energy and industrial applications. The R&D Center continuously elaborates solutions which are innovative, more efficient, environment friendly and energy saving. Advanced manufacturing technology and top edge fabrication tools assure the best quality at competitive conditions. Anextended and proactive network of service centers assist the customers to maintain and prolong the value of the equipment.

HAUS is located in the city of Aydın, Turkey. The company has 32.000 sqm of production area, about 460 employees, 5 subsidiaries and about 40 local represantatives in abroad, annual 600 centrifuges production capacity and makes manufacturing in compliance with CE directives and ISO standards. The company exports more than 40 countries.

HAUS has been proven to be the right success partner with its products and services.

1954 : HAUS (as HAKKI USTA) was founded in Aydın, Turkey.

1962 : First olive oil press production was started.

1989 : Decanter Centrifuge production was started.

1998 : First export was realised: (To Tunisia)

2000 : Disc Stack Separator production was started. 

2010 : HAUS İstanbul Office was founded. HAKKI USTA rebranded as HAUS.

2012 : HAUS EUROPE B.V. was  founded in the Netherlands. 

2015 : HAUS SEA was founded in Malaysia.

2015 : HAUS R&D Center was established in Aydın, Turkey.

2016 : HAUS MED was founded in  Italy. 

2016 : HAUS Turbo Compressor was founded in Germany.

2017 : Turbo Blower and Screw Press production were started.

2018 : HAUS IBERICA was founded in Spain.

2020 : HAUS SA was founded in India.


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